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Wig, Weave or Locs?

Hey Family,

My hair is on the mend!

Thank you to each and everyone of you so very much for your loving words, encouragement, and support.

My words are too small to express my deep and profound appreciation and gratitude for each and every post, call, message, emoji, and gifs.

It’s easier to get back up when you are buoyed up by unconditional love.

I thank you.

I have a draft of my keynote address and the outline for my mess to millions workshop for the California Women’s Festival.

My stylist/colorist/trichologist is working her magic. Due to her organic and all natural treatments, shedding has stopped!, tingling scalp is gone, and my hair is soft!

My stylist used an alopecia laser-like tool to scrape the troubled areas in my scalp and then shot nutrients into my hair root with a microscopic needle.

Black Girl (Hair) Magic is real.

My keynote and workshop are a week away and my stylist has given me three options to protect my hair while it heals:

1. a custom color & cut wig
2 a quick weave
3. butterfly faux locs.

I’m trusting God with this one.

I don’t want to add insult to hair injury by putting unnecessary stress on my hair. Nor do I want to stress myself out worrying about my hair during this event.

My stylist is campaigning for the customized wig that does not require glue. She suggested I think of it as more of a sew-in instead of as a regular wig you see on the white Styrofoam heads at the hair store. She thinks it is ideal for protecting my hair while allowing for versatility for the various events over the weekend.

I’m leaning toward the locs, but am familiar with a quick weave and would know how to manage it.

So, which one:

Right now, I don’t want to do ANYTHING to upset my hair. We just got it to calm down!

My temples are thin but they are there! Thank God! She measured my head! I have never in my whole life had my head measured! It was actually fun!

I’m starting to feel good about this. Community is present and enveloped in empathy, love, an support.

I don’t have followers, fans, contacts, or friends.

I have a tribe.
A group of “Truth Tellers” who stand for and with me when the Enemy comes for me.

People who walk with me
Pray for me for me.
Jump on planes to get to me.

This hair trauma and trauma trigger to my past has helped me see, realize and accept I am not alone in the world.

I’m wanted.

I think God heals us through relationships and connections.

And I am grateful.

Thanks for walking with me.

I love you,

Dr. Venus


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