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Why Ukraine Racism Triggers Black Trauma

Each time I see Black bodies being
◦ held at gun-point or
◦ being violently pulled off of a train or
◦ made to go to the back of the line after standing for 12 hours

…the trauma from Chattel slavery, the Black Codes, or the Jim Crow South makes my body shake.

Only this time, it’s not Georgia, or Mississippi, or Alabama.

It’s the Ukraine.

African families, students, and even professional athletes are being regulated to the “back of the bus” so European Ukrainians can pass first—and safely—to board countries. The peaking order seems to be:

◦ Europeans (aka White) first
◦ Middle Easterners second
◦ Africans last.

What’s more, African men are being asked, and in some reports, made to stay in order to fight for the freedom of Ukraine against Russian military might.

My mind goes back to WWI and WWII where Black men soldiers fought on behalf of America. They thought White America would see them as equals.

They. Were. Wrong.

They fought for the USA only to return home to unemployment, denial of home loans, and in some cases, a noose as their reward.

I am a Black America, the descent of enslaved Africans into generational oppression. I have visited Senegal, Gambia as well as the “Door of No Return” in Africa for my dissertation research at Stanford University. I have traveled to Paris, Mexico, Dubai, Jamaica, Costa Rico, Vancouver, Italy as well as other countries. I have toured the USA four times—so far. EVERY country, city, and town I have been blessed to experience, Europeans have defamed each location AND her People.

We talk like White/European violence USE TO exist during Chattel Slavery and Colonialism. Every culture White/Europeans debases is accused of being “violent”, “barbaric”, and uncivilized. And yet what makes White/Europeans who they are is their violence.
Their abuse of power.
Their righteous entitlement.

We, the oppressed, absorb these behaviors, these traumas, into our DNA but then are criminalized for acting out the violence and oppression that’s been acted out and CONTINUES to be acted out on our bodies—worldwide.

Whether Chattel Slavery or Colonialism; be it light-skinned or dark-skinned; “good hair” or “nappy hair;” gay or straight; educated or street smart; rich or poor – WORLDWIDE – Black people are subject to violence and injustice regardless of borders.

Dr. King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I agree with Dr. King.

Any and everything I can do to help our People in the Ukraine, I will.

AND I’m taking on expanding me teachings to address the African Diaspora. My area of expertise as a Thought Leader is rooted in American Chattel Slavery. I do not claim to be an expert in Colonialism. But whether you are made to sit in the back of the bus in Selma or Ukraine because you are Black— you are one of mine.

Simply put: I stand in support with my Black Ukrainian Family.

◦ Here is an article with various ways (free as well as monetarily) to our
inclusive Ukrainian Family as well as general information about the Russian invasion:

I invited you to do what you can.

I love you Family,

Dr. Venus

Ps: I invite you to support. Right now it’s the Ukraine. Tomorrow it could be America. Don’t think we are “safe” because we are America. Racism is worldwide.

Don’t be afraid.

Get involved in a way that works for you.
Share an article.
Boost a post.
Make a donation.
House a refugee.

Any and all support WILL make a difference. I’m committed to living in a world where “Black” does not equal the bottom or the back of the bus.

We can transform this…
…when we support each other.

That’s what our ancestors did. 😊

And it worked. I’m choosing to take a page from their playbook!🤣😊🤣

Do you?

I pray the answer is yes.


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