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Who’d you trust: God or You w/ Money?

We trust God with our immortal souls—but we don’t trust God with our money.

Take a look for yourself.

If you’re anything like me, you strive and strategize about paying bills, feeding your family, and paying the rent/mortgage monthly.

And if you are an entrepreneur you are consumed with covering payroll, paying for marketing, and almost always hustling to acquire new clients.

You get it done—you always have.

But here’s the point: YOU did it. You leaned on YOUR OWN understanding and didn’t trust God to provide. Here’s how you know you didn’t trust God.

You worried.

Not only did you worry, but you also second-guessed yourself. You fell back on old strategies that used to work—pre-pandemic—only to struggle and fail.

I’m not saying you didn’t pray.
You did.
So did I.

I am saying that if you tell the truth about your surrender and trust in God with your soul versus with your provision, you will see a glaring difference.

I did.

As a businesswoman, I panicked when the pandemic came, moved in, and made home. My main revenue generators were touring and live events. Because we could not gather in public, the most lucrative streams of income for my business came to a screeching halt.

Like so many others, I had to come up with other ways to take care of my team (mostly single moms) and my family. I didn’t know what to do so I looked around to see what “the world” was doing.

And even though it went against my personal values of self-sufficiency, I followed suit.

—Federal grants.
—PCP emergency funding.
—SBA Disaster Relief Loans.

We applied for it all.

I was afraid.

I felt scared that I would have to let my team go and I felt responsible for their livelihood. Looking back, I can see I was in survival mode.

Each team member was a capable human being, and would have figured out something without me. But the truth is I have been providing for those who I call my own since I was 14.  I was triggered.

The Pandemic felt like the streets.

Where I come from, we have a rule: If I eat, we all eat. Regardless of what it costs me.
I leaned into my survival strategy of being strong and taking care of “mine” instead of leaning into trusting God to provide.

As I reflect on all of my successes, I can see the thread. All of my success has been survival driven.

Survival-driven success is exhausting and unsustainable.

I have watched myself and my peers in all industries “make it” at the cost of our well-being, relationships, and scalability.

One day I was talking to God about money and God said, “You don’t trust me.”

I was shocked.

God had my birth father stop my birth mother from aborting me when I was in her womb, unwanted.

God had kept me alive, amid the roaches, rats, and drugs on the streets of Baltimore.

God pulled me out of the culture of poverty, pimps, and strippers and put me in school to keep me safe. And give me a way out.

“God, how could you say that to me? I have trusted you with my LIFE!!”

“You have Bae. You have. And I love you for it.
But you have not trusted me to keep you alive.”

My heart stopped.
My tears started to flow.

God was right.

I have not trusted God to keep me alive.

If I tell the truth, I have felt guilty that he did.
I didn’t think I deserved to live, let alone thrive.

I wasn’t supposed to make it.
My oldest sister was.
Not me.

I was the Black Sheep.
The ugly one.
The dumb one.

The one who should have never been born.

I was taught this.
I was reared in this truth.
And I believed it.

God is healing the places in me that still do.

So, when I finished crying, I realized that my trust of God was conditional.

So I went to work.

I let go of everything I had acquired by way of survival.
I traded in all of my identities for one:  my oneness with God.
And I moved from “survival-driven success” to “spirit-led affluence.

I no longer hustle, grind, or make ANYTHING happen.

I’m committed to moving from being a “self-made” millionaire to becoming a “God-made” millionaire. It’s two different worlds!

The way I trust God with my money NOW is through these Five simple steps:

Step 1. I sit.
Step 2. I pray.
Step 3. I wait.
Step 4. I surrender.
Step 5. I allow.

When I see myself backsliding into survival, I pray.

The prayer changes depending on how I’m falling back into old behaviors, but it works every time to get my eyes back on God.

I pray, “I love you Lord and I trust you with all of me.

Your plans for me are so much more fulfilling and life-giving than anything I could ever do or imagine.

Have your way, Lord.
Order my steps.
You are my protector.
My provider.

You are my God.

I thank you in advance for all the good you are now and will continue to pour in me, over me, and through me as an act of love, so I am a blessing to humanity. In Jesus’ name, amen. So be it. And so it is.”

The difference between being “survival-driven” versus being “spirit-led” is palpable. The key is trusting God instead of trusting what worked in the past.

In that trust—
In that surrender—
In that allowing—
I am THRILLED to share with you that I will be the KEYNOTE speaker at the California Women’s Conference!!

Here is the link for all the details:

Cal Expo seats between 1000-10,000!!

My face will be on BILLBOARDS in Sacramento!!!

I’m doing a PAID keynote, a workshop where I will make an offer, AND providing brief training at the networking event on how to network like a mogul!!!

Be clear: I did NOTHING to earn this!

A producer reached out via Facebook messenger to ask my permission to use one of my photos for the festival. It was an odd request, so I inquired why.

From there, we had conversations that required a meeting with the Executive Producer. It was like talking to a different version of myself and my commitment to the emotional healing and financial freedom of women worldwide!

More opportunities are pouring in without any help from me!

My prayer for you is this: trust God with your money. You will be ASTOUNDED with the guidance, grace, and affluence that COMES TO YOU!

I love you,

Dr. Venus

Ps. I’ll keep you post on the Festival! I hope you can  make! I would love to see you in person and give you a big hug!


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