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White Supremacy Don’t Give a $!@%

White Supremacy don’t give a $!@&# about ANYTHING to stay in power.

EVEN against their own WOMEN!

In 1987, “The Birth Dearth: What Happens When People in Free Countries Don’t Have Enough Babies?” was published by Ben Wattenberg. He argued that in order to keep White People as the majority, more White babies needed to be born.

If that meant criminalizing Black People, so be it.

If it meant robbing White women of their right to choose, have at it.

My point is this: White Supremacy don’t give a $!@&# about ANYTHING to stay in power.

Noose at NASCAR.
Voter suppression.
You name it.

These cowards are pulling out ALL the stops.
Which means they are desperate.
Grasping at straws.
Old tactics that no longer have the power they use to have.

But in order to ENSURE our victory, you must LEARN THE LOGIC of White Supremacy.


So you can speak BACK to the enemy instead of reacting to their click bait.

White Supremacy is more than an ideology. It’s a cult. A disease. A sickness that is so ingrained in the sense of self of those who drink of its poison, will go to extremes–including suicide, murder, genocide–you name it, in order to keep itself in existence.

It’s impossible to win any battle if you are fighting the wrong thing. It’s sort of like climbing a mountain, reaching the top, and then realizing that your ladder was against the wrong mountain!

The video above is going to break down the logic of White Supremacy through the lens of “perceived violence” vs “proven” violence.” The more you know what you are fighting the quicker our victory is won.

Watch the video and check out the resources.

  1. Register to Vote online (PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED!)
  2. Can A Felon Vote? – Felon voting rights by state by Robert Gomez


  1. Why White Reform Isn’t Enough
  2. Jane Elliott – All White People Are Racist. Here’s how it can be fixed.
  3. The Birth Dearth (IMPORTANT)
  4. White Supremacy Culture
  5. 10 Things Everyone Should Know About White Supremacy by Chauncey DeVega
  6. The Language of White Supremacy by Vann R. Newkirk II
  7. With Hate in their Hearts: The State of White Supremacy in the United States

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