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Trump is easy to hate. Here’s why I won’t.

As a Black, Queer Identified, educated, Woke Woman, it’s easy for me to hate Trump. Especially today. From sanctioning White Supremacists masquerading as Police with his silence to murder, maim, and terrorize Black People, to destabilizing our democracy, making our nation vulnerable to terrorist attacks, I have plenty to hate.

But that’s his point.
He feeds off of hate.
It gives him power.

What makes White Supremacy so insidious, is it REQUIRES the recognition and participation of the oppressed in order to exist. Think about it. Trump hired producers from his former reality show to stage the Republican National Convention. What do you think would happen if nobody watches? Trump would have to do something even more egregious to keep himself in existence.

Hegel said it best: without a slave, there is no master.

It’s important to note: the closer we get to tearing down White Supremacy in the Justice System, the more the Police escalate? They are no longer trying to look like their lives were in danger. They are shooting unarmed Black Men in the back for walking away. As if to say, “How dare you nigger turn your back on me as if you are my equal. I’ll show you!”

So instead of allowing Trump and his KKK to emotionally manipulate me thereby making me their marketing machine, I refuse to hate.

I refuse to circulate their propaganda and social proof of their power by splashing tear gas, rubber bullets, and footage of executing Black Men.

But most importantly, I simply REFUSE to give them my power. You see, hate is actual rage turned inward. My rage IS my power and I can use it any way I choose. I can use my rage non-consciously and keep reacting to the next tragedy and the next. I could use it to become bitter and cynical about affecting any sort of REAL social change. I could use it to protest—peacefully or not.

I could.

What I’m choosing to do with my rage is to use it to fuel me to vote and have my people vote in numbers that can’t be ignored.

No matter what Trump and his constituents think, we ARE America: a democracy that’s built for each and every citizen to have a voice. The way to win this bare-knuckle brawl is to let your vote be your voice.

So, no hate. Just strategy.

But in order to execute, we—you and I—need a safe space to grieve the price of democracy. Our Men are being targeted to kill. So each time we hear about or read about yet another Black Man fallen stars the hands of the Police, what gets triggered is the cultural trauma of slavery. Right in our blood.

Yes, we do have our internal wounds to heal, especially between Black Women and Men. Slavery sold the Black Family apart, but with tools, we are healing us. I have a Masterclass series completely dedicated to our healing. And yes, there is also rage and grieving of wounded Black Men who embody and enact the values and behaviors of White Supremacy on us.

So I encourage you to watch this week’s video. As a people, the community is how we love. We take care of each other. We bear witness. We speak. We cry. We listen. Then we get back to work to ensure justice… for all.


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