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The Raw & Real Series:
Dragons Breathing Fire

We’re breathing fire in my new Facebook community, y’all. O-M-God. I’m in love!! 

I love my dragons. I love my dragons. I love my dragons! 

We have a whole community of them now (over 300 people joined with ZERO marketing), and they are HUNGRY. There’s a fierceness about the people who are attracted to Breathe Fire (that’s the name of this group). These are successful, conscious entrepreneurs committed to manifesting their destiny, not just scratching the surface. And let me tell you, they are doing their thing!!!

These are my people. 

I thank God for them. I thank God for my friends, and for people who love me. 

I love the community.

I’m getting more and more excited about the future as I get more clarity about what the f@ck I’m supposed to be doing. Before, I was trying to figure out whether God wanted me to just focus on the spirit, or on the money, too. And everybody said, “Both.” But I couldn’t see how to do that because what I have discovered is that, if I talk to you about money, you don’t deal with the spirit, and the thing is, you can’t manifest money. You can’t manifest your destiny because money is only a piece of that.

You can’t manifest your destiny if you don’t heal, and you cannot heal if you’re not willing to speak your truth …

… if you’re not willing to breathe f#cking fire!

You’ve got to be willing to speak your truth no matter what it costs you, because once you can speak it, you can live. 

Breathe Fire gives you that opportunity, because when you speak your truth, you ARE breathing fire. You’re burning away all the lies that have kept you in an emotional, economic, mental, and spiritual bondage. 

We set people free. That’s what we’re doing. And when you get free, you give people around you permission to get free (and yes, you’ve got to have permission). 

We’re about to change the world!! Y’all don’t even know. We’re on to some next level sh*t! 

We roll hard in packs. And our pack is one of dragons.

So, if you’re rolling like I’m rolling, if you’re down for me, if you’re with me … then Breathe Fire, baby! Breathe it with me. 

This is an inclusive environment. We have trans in there. We’ve got queer. We’ve got gay. We’ve got straight. We have everybody! Everybody’s welcome, and everybody’s voice matters in my world. 

This is a safe space to really take on, “Okay God, I know that there’s something bigger for me than just this life. I know I was born to do something that changes the course of human history.” And I believe you. 

My job is to create a sufficient condition for you to soar. I don’t give a f^ck what you do, okay, but it works for you to be business minded, because I know how to do that. I’m good at business. I’m good at marketing. I’m good at money, and I’m good at manifesting, okay, but it’s not money driven. It’s money fallout. 

If you take on healing, God will tell you what steps to take next. That’s what God’s doing with me. (I took on healing, and now I’m moving to San Diego! That is God on steroids!)

There’s just ONE criterion:

You have GOT to be brave to walk with me. You can’t be a punk a$s! You’ve got to be willing to implement. To invest in yourself. Not now, because I’m not making any offers right now. I’m not even in that house. What I’m mostly interested in is my tribe. 

I’m looking for dragons. 

I’m looking for those who are ready to unleash themselves on the world, and let people deal with you. Let them f$cking deal with you, and I’ll fix it, and I’ll clean it, and I’ll train. But what I’m more interested in is guiding you. 

Someone’s waiting on your genius. We’re not playing, here.

We’re insulting mediocrity! We’re insulting small mindedness. We’re insulting the lies that have kept us quiet. There’s something that you know you were born to say. There’s something you were born to give, but life happened, and trauma happened, and f#cked us all up. And it requires healing to be able to implement. We’re going to walk this slowly. We’re going to heal first. We’re going to tell some truth. We’re going to breathe some f%cking fire. We’re going to manifest, and then we’re going to let destiny arise! 

I encourage you to come, be with me, join us, breathe fire with us. It’s not just me, it’s “we.” Y’all need to hear me when I say that. 

There’s so much we can do to transform this world. There’s so much bounty and abundance. 

My point is this: I’m excited about the future. I really am. I feel like we’re on the cusp of glory.

And the world is waiting for you

It is so hungry for you, but not your representative, not your Louis Vuitton, not your lipstick. Your heart, your truth, that which makes you uniquely and divinely created by God. 

And that’s exactly why I’ve created a sufficient condition for us as a collective, as a community, as a people, as a race, as a human race, to transform the world. And be handsomely compensated for it, if that’s something that really matters to you. 

The focus is on peace and purpose, and then profits … not the other way around. 

Come hit me up over at Breath Fire. I love you all! 



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