Home Update

I feel like I’m back in Baltimore, living in condemned buildings. This feels SO familiar. I have not received a date for when Happy and I can move back into our home.


Wow. Such a simple word that means so much. I feel so displaced. Even though Happy and I are, literally, right across the roundabout in a lovely furnished executive suite. I have started to “move in” to our temporary housing but received a message to pick up a package.

I think going forward, I will not go back home until the repairs are complete. Each time I look at the total destruction of home, I feel like it’s a reflection of my annihilated life.

No regret. Just grief and impact.

I’m clear the (water) damage REQUIRED a complete demolition of all I considered home. That doesn’t mean reckoning with reality is easy. It is not. But it’s necessary to live healthy. Whole. Free.

My home, like my life, is transitioning through the necessary stages of destruction so destiny can have its way with me in a way that is, well, fulfilling and sustainable.

I, like the walls, floors, and pipes being replaced and rebuilt, have had all the damage cut out of me. In its place are new, stronger, more protected infrastructures being installed and fortified with the highest quality of protection so this NEVER happens again.

Thank you God for taking such loving care of me during this change; this transition. I’m clear my destiny is calling in the midst of all this demise.

And I am grateful.

I love you.

Thanks for witnessing.

Dr. Venus

Ps: Just for joy, here is a video of Happy playing with me in the Santa Monica beach. Life is beautiful.🐶🥰🐶