broken spirit

I’m grateful

What a difference a year makes, I’m grateful.

We’re the ones they never saw coming …
Grateful – We’re the ones they never saw coming… 

Thanksgiving is in our laps and Christmas is around the corner.
I’m present to what I am truly grateful for that I didn’t have this time last year.

This time last year my body was broken, my marriage had failed and my business had burned to the ground. I had lost my identity and didn’t have a clue about God’s will for my life.

The only directive I could hear from Spirit was this: write.

So I started to write down all the things I dared not say.
I couldn’t say them—but I could write them.
And the more I wrote, the more I healed, and my destiny started to arise.

Now, a year later, I’m living my authentic AND abundant life!

I’m happily single.

My body is bangin’ from regular workouts.

My business model makes room for me to fulfill MY dream: I’M A PERFORMANCE ARTIST AGAIN!!

I have an almost entirely new team, AMAZING private clients of different races that I love like sisters, and I’m about to change the game with my upcoming book tour. (details coming soon) 

God is so faithful.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, I wish you and yours an extraordinary holiday overflowing with hope for tomorrow, grace with today, and wisdom from the past.

I am not big on celebrating holidays (too many traumas/hurts/losses affiliated with them) but I am I’m in love with the Lord. I am SO grateful to God for walking with me, in the fiery furnace called life. Every. Single. Step. Of the way.   

Thank you, God, for giving me one more chance to have my life do your work in the world.
Thank you, Lord, for Happy.
When I was confronted with the truth that I would never have a baby, you gave me Happy to nurture and love. I never knew I could love ANYONE to the depth I love Happy.

Thank you, Lord, for making me brave.

I’m thankful for my team, for empowering my leadership in the world with excellence.

And I give thanks for my “Truth-Tellers,” my sisters and brothers on social media. 

Thanks for walking with me each step of the way.

So, Truth-Tellers, keep an eye on your inbox so I can take you on the journey while I change the game.
What I’m about to drop is AS DOPE as Beyonce dropping her first visual album, B-Day, that broke the internet.

We’re the ones they never saw coming.

They counted us out.

Not having what it takes to win after titanic losses. But they were wrong then.

And they are wrong now.

Walk with me.

Don’t miss one piece of the MIND-BLOWING “raw” truth I’m about to unleash on this world.

Go here and make sure you’ve joined the Truth Tribe.

I’m thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Venus and Happy!

P.S. Happy got his hair cut for the holidays and is protesting!!