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Soul Sisters

On a personal note…

I took Happy to a dog beach and it was GLORIOUS!!! We haven’t gone to one in over a year!!!

Look at my baby run!!

I’m trying to keep up with him, but my 50th is coming. My body likes to talk to me and let me know EXACTLY what I can and cannot do! So my knees and hip flexor have me cheer more so than run!

But I run, chase Happy, and let myself feel alive. Even though I will have to soak in a lavender-infused bath when we get home.

I felt free and beautiful running on the California beach in a beautiful swimsuit that flatters my body. Real talk: I felt confident wearing this swimsuit in public. My goal is to wear a two-piece swimsuit by the end of the summer, proud and unapologetic about my (almost) 50-year young body.

My birthday is September 23rd. I’m intending to make it a major milestone for me in EVERY WAY.

Including body acceptance.

When I was young, food was used as a form of punishment and reward. If I did do something bad, food was withheld. If I did something good, being allowed to eat was the reward.

When I punish myself, I perform this same cycle of violence on myself to this very day.

I don’t talk about it because I’m athletic. I get judged, shamed, and criticized for saying ANYTHING about my body shame.

But then I hear a woman, a “soul sister,” speak her truth and I become brave.

If I am to heal the historical trauma housed in my women’s body, I (dare I say we women we?) have to accept and approve of ourselves.

I was raised ugly.
Black sheep.
I was told that I was no good.
A loser.
Never to amount to anything.
A piece of crap.

It’s a revolutionary act to love, accept and approve of myself to me.
And it’s working.

I’m speaking my truth and letting people say what they say with no apology.

I’m letting myself eat what I WANT and not beating myself up mentally and emotionally for wanting carbs.

I’m seeing an acupuncturist to heal my knee and hip flexor so I can run on the beach with Happy, pain-free.

And I can now.

It still hurts but NEARLY as much as it used to hurt.

I am grateful.
I’m grateful to all the women who inspire me to continue accepting and approving me.

There are some special “soul sisters” who make me brave.
These sisters are of different ages, races, and identities, worldwide.
They sustain me and get me closer to my God-self.
Soul sisters feed each other.

We help each other heal through our example.
By how we live.
By how we let our lives serve.
By how we love ourselves.

We heal to fulfill the purpose, the pain and trauma have refined and purified us for.

As women of power and purpose, our collective healing transforms the world.

By: Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Date: 06/27/21


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