BE THE Only!

(OMG!!!!) Guess who’s featured ON THE FRONT PAGE of The Grio???????

I’m right next to Lizzo and right under Halle Berry!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!  #iamgodsfavorite 

Here’s the story!!!>>>>>>

I am SO grateful I listen to the whispers from Spirit to tithe/give with no ask. Who would have thought giving would get me on the home page of arguably the largest African American media platform in

North America????
AND it’s a good story!!! Well written. Balanced. Accurate! The photos used are dope!!! We are cooking with hot grease now!

PLEASE SHARE! WITH THE WORLD !! My love offering is good until 4/8/20!!! 

I have to call Nanna!! WOW!! #godissofaithful

I have been sitting with why this feature, on the home page as well as the article, that shifted something in me, which I have been nurturing and waiting on since Dec 2017… I have made my own way all of my teen and adult life. If I tell the truth about it, I have “made it happen.” Sometimes through transactions to raw to share on this platform or sheer force of will. I have even turned manifested and intention into a “doing.” I worked hard at it energetically and never hit the mark I aimed for. I came close but never the picture. 

I had to dismantle my life to let go of the pictures. 

When I prayed on Dec 7th, 2017, “God please, get whatever’s in the way OUT of the way, so I can fulfill my destiny,” I, in essence, was giving up proving I had a right to be born. I simply stopped doing all the things that kept the identity of having to prove it, make it, overcome it, make it happen, prove them wrong, etc. alive. 

The death of that identity was painful. 

It took three years, the divorce, dismantling my previous business, moving across the county to stop “getting” and start “letting” God’s will for my life arise. Yes, I needed to take the actions that felt “God guided” but I had to surrender my addiction to “knowing.” To controlling the outcome. To planning. To timelines and projections. I had to wait. Trust. Allow. 

Each time I think I have thrown my life away, God sends me something so spectacular, that I could never have imagined, I become more convicted to stay the course and trust God with my life. 

This article is a blown kiss from God saying to me, ” I love you, Venus. I got you. Stay with me. Walk with me. Step by step. I will get you exactly where I need you to be to fulfill that which you were born to give the world. You are my Beloved in whom I am well, please. Be at peace and enjoy quarantine. I am setting the stage for you in such a magnificent way, you will MISS this downtime.”

I guess the reason I hold this article so precious is for the first time, I can see me on the same level as a Lizzo or a Halle Berry. Here’s the kicker: I didn’t realize I didn’t–UNTIL I saw me on the home page of The Grio. 

My point is this: I could NEVER have prayed for this. It’s beyond my imaginings. And now I am seeing all the steps that are leading me on a path, to my destiny, coming into focus. Step by step. Piece by piece. Day by day. 

I see you, God.

And I am grateful.


Your favorite… Me.


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