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Natural Hair + Water—-NOOOOO!

Just a few weeks ago, I had my natural hair colored and styled. I had a riot of lovely soft curls and felt pretty.
Not sexy.

None of these.

I felt like a pretty girl! And I loved the feeling.

I’m in the process of evolving and I am choosing to not add hair to my hair of any sort.

Be clear: I love all of my looks.

I’m just in a season where I want to feel like, my brand looks like how I feel inside, instead of what I think people think is pretty—meaning long straight hair.

My internal compromise was to rock braids and faux locs instead of a perm or straight hair wigs.

I’m in a season where I am learning to love me with what God gave me.

(I hope that makes sense.)

Yes, I color it and may even do silk press but it is because it makes me feel good about ME to me.

I’m committed to growing my natural hair long and healthy with my Colorist. I scheduled to be in her chair every two weeks getting my hair treated and styled.

I was feeling so good about my hair I decided to get it blown out for an entrepreneur and leadership conference where I would be introducing my new project.

What had happen was…

Monday, I had my hair professionally blown out. I really wanted to feel confident for an upcoming event. Before going to bed, I plaited my hair up so I could wear a twist out at the Good Soil Entrepreneurs Training, produced by T.D. Jakes Enterprises.

Tuesday, I went to put my shower cap on my head and didn’t realize water from my previous shower was STILL in the shower cap.🤦🏾‍♀️ When the water hit my freshly blown out hair I could hear my curls crying out, NOOOOOOO!

The back of my hair shrunk in my hands as I tried to soak the water out of my plaits with a dry towel.

Wednesday morning, even after a day of drying and praying, I had two different textures of hair in my head. Curly/thick in the back; straight/fine in the front. I felt myself starting to get anxious.

So I prayed.

Spirit whispered into my heart that I am beautiful and so is my hair. I felt my chest starting to relax. I went to the mirror and started to speak life over myself.

I am beautiful.
I am respected.
I’m covered.
I accept me.
I approve of me.
I embrace me.
I love me.

Then I started to remind myself that I am God’s favorite.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I am the head and not the tail.
I am the righteousness of God.

I hugged Happy 🐶 and got dressed.

Afterward, I started to play with my hair. I discovered that if I brushed my hair, it lays down! I didn’t know this.

I discovered I LOVE diamond and/or pearl hair jewelry! Pretty bowrettes make me feel like a girl. The more I played in my hair and affirmed myself, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I accepted and approved of me.

By the time Happy and I headed out for the training I felt like a ROCKSTAR!

Here’s the truth: God answered my prayer. By the time I arrived at Good Soil I was completely confident!! 🤣🤣🤣

I am learning to love me in the way God loves me.



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