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Historically we’ve been raised to see success as a labor intensive path. But that’s a lie… 

The truth is “working hard” is a survival strategy we have inherited from our mother’s mother, and the absence of our fathers for eight generations. It’s time to STOP “working hard” and move from survival-driven success to spirit-led affluence!

Your destiny has been calling to you for some time now… you’ve gone to school, went after the accolades and degrees, and hustled your way to the top. 

We’ve been taught to prove our worth, work hard and be thankful for pennies– while men make dollars..

Due to the history of trauma we’ve inherited and lived… “Hustlin,’” grindin’ and slavin’ have become our primary survival strategies for success. We’ve had to “keep it movin” to take care of our babies, families and ourselves. 

And while that strategy has worked (we survived!) it limits our income and blinds us to the extraordinarily, monetizable value of our lived experience.

My Story: From Living on The Streets, to Becoming a Multi-millionaire

They say that the wound is where the light enters, and I am living proof of that. When I say you can achieve greatness and easily make $1 Million and beyond, I mean it! 

By the time I was 16 I was living on the “mean streets” of Baltimore, MD… eating out of trash cans and sleeping in urine and beer. One day I was sitting on “my” corner at the intersection of Moment  and Federal Street, and I prayed. 

The prayer had four words: God, please help me. 

The answer to that prayer came in the form of my 9th grade math teacher, Nanna. Because of her tangible love, I eventually graduated from Stanford University with a 2nd Master’s degree, a Ph.D, and became a professor! 

But it wasn’t long before I was craving for MORE. I was working non-stop, but I couldn’t imagine any way to make more than $3600 a month.

My PTSD kicked in and I started having panic attacks. I didn’t know what to do so I prayed and I called Nanna. 

My Nanna told me to invest in myself through a mentor that had done what I wanted to do.  And I did!  From my mentor,  I learned how to be authentic instead of “professional.” 

I started to speak my truth instead of trying to earn my worth by working myself sick…  I started to make money from what I “know” instead of from what I “do”. 

This was the one shift that moved me from 5-figures, to 6-figures and then CATAPULPED me to 7-figures!

Long story short, I have grossed over 6 million in seven years– and counting! 

But what’s  most important is this: I NEVER have to worry about money again.   

I monetized the messy parts of my life instead of being ashamed of them. I am now healed and able to help others who have a messy life woman or man to turn their pain into peace, purpose and profits! 

You can turn your mess into millions. Here is where you start. Let me show you how.

How To Mine Your Mess For Diamonds…

I’m going to tell you straight up… The only way to truly become successful and financially free, is to monetize your knowledge. What you KNOW will always be more profitable than what you DO. 

Your story is where your MILLION DOLLARS OFFER IS! 

You conquered all that life has thrown at you… whether that’s a messy divorce, raising a child on your own or overcoming generational trauma. You got through all of this (with a few scars)… and now it’s time to claim the life you deserve!

Stop spinning your wheels by doing work that can NEVER make you rich and burn you out! I know. I’ve been there. You are one decision away from AFFLUENCE and EASE. Not just for you, but for your bloodline.

You are about to BREAK generational curses baby!!!!!
YOU CAN DO THIS… become a millionaire and show your children, your family, and the world that WE are bigger than our bruises. And when you do, you become a beacon of hope and inspiration for people, worldwide!  Let’s break that cycle once and for all.

I’ve Reached Millions, Inspired Millions AND Grossed Over $6 MILLION in Revenue, using this Exact System!

Building a wildly successful business out of your Mess is simple, if you’re brave enough to face yourself and accept a radical change in lifestyle.  It’s  a mental shift to trust that what you “know” will make more money than “working hard.” 

It almost feels like a lie, a fairytale, or even a scheme. But it’s not. The world is becoming more and more technology-driven, content-driven, and online-based by the minute. It’s time to adapt to the changing times.

After years of testing different types of content, client attraction strategies and offers … I’ve figured out what works and how to convert an audience into a multi-million dollar business. 


I have one intention and one intention only: to guide you step-by-step to create your Million dollar offer, and close your first next high-ticket client…from  your “messy” lived experience.


Defy Impossible, Inc. Presents…

Mess to MILLIONS!™ Bootcamp

Turn Your Pain into Peace, Purpose, & Profits!

This bootcamp is designed in three phases:


Excavation: Mining your “mess” for your million-dollar message. We will dig deep; be prepared.


Alchemization: Turning your message into a seven-figure signature system and offer.


Monetization: Marketing & selling your signature system.

(The Roadmap to Millions!)

Module #1:

Identify Your Million Dollar Money Maker™

Your million dollar money maker is NOT  located in your credentials, contacts, or your work ethic. 

In fact it’s located in the LAST place you would ever want to look! Your million dollar money maker is not located in your brain… It’s located in your pain– where life broke your heart. A pain you were born into CENTURIES before you drew your first breath! 

 In this module we “deep dive” into specific “messes” you have triumphed over, and we mine your mess for the gold! 

Your mess is the key to eliminating the competition, becoming a category of one… AND  attract 100% of the right clients for whom YOU are the answer to their prayers!

Processes & Sessions:

  • “On The Court” Q&A session (90 Minutes)
  • Identify Your Million Dollar Money Maker: Worksheets

Self Care Recommendations: : Mystic Cord of Memory & Life Visioning Kit – Dr. Michael Beckwith

Module #2:

Create Your Million Dollar Message™

Now we are cooking with hot grease! Once you have identified your Million Dollar Money Maker, it’s time to excavate your million dollar message! 

Just like your money maker came from your lived experience, so will your message. Your message is the KEY to your marketing! When you get this right, you naturally attract the clients that you are destined to serve.

In this module, we build on the work from module one to get crystal clear on your million dollar message. The clearer the message the quicker the cash! 

AND the clearer the message, the HARDER it is for others to steal from you. Your message is the magic elixir of effective marketing! 

Processes & Sessions:

  • “On The Court” Q&A session (90 Minutes)
  • Create Your Million Dollar Message: Worksheets

Self Care Recommendations : The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – Edwine Gaines

Module #3:

Craft your Million Dollar Method™ from Your Mess

This week we will build on the work you have already done the previous two weeks. Your mess is the source of your million dollar money maker and your million dollar message. With every mess there are survival strategies, or invisible competencies you NEVER considered turning into cash! 

Well, now, here’s your chance! (Can we say cha ching!)

In this module you will identify and systematize your survival strategies so they work for you instead of against you. 

Due to the history of the trauma you have inherited, you have strategies, competencies and capacities that were born in strife. AND you are MASTERFUL with them! In this module you will learn how to harness your survival into seven-figure success!

Processes & Sessions:

  • “On The Court” Q&A session (90 Minutes)
  • Craft Your Million Dollar Method from Your Mess: Worksheets
  • The Prosperous Heart: Creating a Life of “Enough” – Julia Cameron

Module #4:

Master Your “Mess to MILLIONS” Money Talk™ Template

Your life has prepared you to reach millions, touch millions AND make millions with your story that is rooted in your messy past. 

Your “mess” is your message. You have a story. And when you tell it, people cry—but they don’t buy. 

Your lived truth is profound and worthy of tears—and cash. What’s wrong is not your story—but how you tell it.

In this module you will discover EXACTLY how to structure your talk, so it speaks to the hearts of MILLIONS of people for whom you are the answer to their prayers. AND it also gets you 100% of the right qualified leads, in 30 minutes or less! 

Processes & Sessions:

  • “On The Court” Q&A session (90 Minutes)
  • Master Your “Mess to MILLIONS!™ Money Talk: Worksheets
  • Self Care Recommendations: The Character of God – Joyce Myers

Module #5:

Market Your “Mess to Millions” Money Talk™  for QUICK! (& Qualified) Leads

Get 100% of the right qualified leads in 30 minutes or less!

Once you have your million dollar money maker, your mess, your method  AND your money talk… It’s time to reach your market!  

In order to reach 100% of the right clients, you need a marketing strategy to gather qualified leads online or in person. It makes no difference to have  a Money Talk™ if you don’t have a structure to gather qualified leads. But when you do, you qualify potential clients fast– AND YOU CLOSE FASTER!

In this module, you walk away with a structured template that you can “plug and play” your content into so you get 100% of the right qualified leads in 30 minutes or less!  

Having the right PROVEN tools ALWAYS makes any task easier. No need for a big list, a bunch of affiliates, or tons of money on paid traffic. No. This template will set you up for success right out the gate!

Processes & Sessions:

  • “On The Court” Q&A session (90 Minutes)
  • Market Your Mess to MILLIONS!™  : Worksheets

Self Care Recommendations: Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power – T.D. Jakes

Module #6:

Monetize Your Million Dollar Method™ by Closing High-Ticket Sells

Sales can be done in two ways: transactional or relational. 

I have discovered that when you are willing to create a safe space for your potential client to tell the truth, the right client will close themselves. 

No force. No manipulation. No fast talk. 

Just emotional intimacy that lets the potential client CHOOSE to invest in themselves through your offer. 

This module is a master-class on closing high-ticket sales, without force, trickery or yuckiness.

When you learn that sales is NOT you getting someone to do something,  but truly is a safe space for another human being to CHOOSE and say yes to themselves, you will NEVER have to chase a sale again. 

Processes & Sessions:

  • “On The Court” Q&A session (90 Minutes)
  • Monetize Your Million Dollar Method & Close Sales : Worksheets
  • Self Care Recommendations: Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose – T.D. Jakes

Bonus Vault!


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(Value: Priceless)

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you do all the assignments,  attend the sessions for Module 1 to 3 and feel that you didn’t get any value, you will receive a full refund. 

*The refund is contingent on you sending your completed worksheet assignments and screenshots of your engagement in Voxer and/or the Facebook community.

Defy Impossible, Inc. Presents…

Are You Ready To Join Mess To MILLIONS! ™ Bootcamp?

3 Payments of $397

1 Payment of $997

Save 20% when you pay upfront

Here’s What You Get…

Total Value: $36,000

Defy Impossible, Inc. Presents…

But You Get It Today For…

3 Payments of $397

1 Payment of $997

Save 20% when you pay upfront


This Is a Proven System That Has Created Multiple MILLIONS…

I am more than confident that you will be successful! This same system has garnered me over:

Your “Mess to MILLIONS!” Signature System™ WILL bring in cash now AND for the rest of your life!

Are you ready to turn your MESS TO MILLIONS ™ and NEVER worry about money again?

It’s not only your time sis… It’s YOUR TURN to thrive with EASE!


The answer to this question is not how much should I be making, but how badly do you want to make more? If you understand the basics of the coaching industry, this program will be a good fit for you. Don’t think from a space of lack, but rather think from a place of self-empowerment to create your dream life… once and for all.
Yes! Payment plan or not, access to modules, workbooks, bonuses and community starts immediately! All links to the support group, weekly coaching and more are all located in your online portal! Your ability to change your life happens… instantly.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you do all the watch all the trainings, do all the assignments, attend the and the weekly Live Q&A sessions for the first three ModuleS and  feel that you didn’t get any value, you will receive a full refund. 

In the end, it is up to you to do the work, to show up for yourself, to make the difference and be the best version of yourself, and then the rest will follow. I invite you to search your heart and trust yourself. If you  feel called to this program, that is your answer.

*Please note: The refund is contingent on you sending your completed assignments for module 1 to 3, and screenshots of your engagement in Voxer or the Facebook community.

YES YOU WILL! I hear you… there are a lot of people all over the Internet making big promises, trying to convince you to pull out your wallet, and then WAY UNDER DELIVERING on what they promised. 

But the difference here is that I’ve used this exact signature system to generate over $6 million for myself, and 7-figures for clients too. It’s been proven over and over again. 

AND YOU GET A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you show me that you’ve completed the assignments for module 1, 2 and 3, and made an honest effort… and you still aren’t satisfied… then I will return every dollar to you.

If you still have questions, email them  here: ( and say “BIG QUESTION” so we can make sure someone on my  team responds as soon as possible.

Defy Impossible, Inc. Presents…

Are You Ready To Get On A Proven Path to
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3 Payments of $397

1 Payment of $997

Save 20% when you pay upfront

Defy Impossible, Inc. Presents…


3 Payments of $397

1 Payment of $997

Save 20% when you pay upfront

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