The VenusOpal Brand Manifesto

People are in pain.
 And they need something beyond hope
to set them free.

They need permission.

Permission to be wounded AND wealthy.
Permission to flaunt their freak flag unafraid.
Permission to be a bunch of contradictions that somehow, some way, make a perfect whole.

They need permission to be the entirety of who they are: the saint and the sinner, the best and the broken, vulnerable and brave.

The VenusOpal Brand is that permission.

When the world sees The VenusOpal Brand, its boldness will insult mediocrity, small minds, and petty motherfuckers.

For those who are sick of living in the shadows of their own shame, pain, and self-sacrifice, and for the spirits held in emotional, mental, spiritual or economic bondage,

The VenusOpal Brand IS an answered prayer.

“I’m not the only one.”
“She’s just like me.”
“I want to be like her.”
“I am her.”

The VenusOpal Brand is so lush, so sensually dangerous it tilts the world on its axis.

It disrupts.
It confronts.
It comforts.

It is so itself, the righteous rule-keepers, “politically correct” police, and critical Christians will hurt themselves trying to put it back, scare it back, or pray it back into their boxes.

But they can’t.

The anointing is real.

The VenusOpal Brand is an insurrection.
A resurrection of personal power.

It is a revolt against respectability politics and a deep dive—head first—into the messiness, the transgression-ness, and the audacity of living life authentically and out loud.

The VenusOpal Brand traffics in Truth.
Burning, purifying, refining fire of truth.
A fire-breathing dragon that burns down the house of lies we call life.

Truth leads to healing.
Healing leads to manifesting.
The VenusOpal Brand breathes fire.

That Truth fire that burns through the bullshit that sets people free.


The VenusOpal Brand leads by example.

Dr. Venus