BE THE Only!

Living My BEST (Quarantine) Life!

Happy and I are ready to go outside and stay healthy!
My mask.
His shoes.
We are ready!
Well we are now, but this morning was a whole different story.

I woke up with a dry cough and immediately went into panic mode.

Lord, am I dying?

My imagination ran wild! I called Dr. Andrea Perez to let me know if I should write my will. Or if I need to figure out a way to ship Happy to my sister to kept him in the family after I meet my maker.

Dr. Andrea chuckled at me and told me to breath deep and rest easy. I didn’t have the coronavirus. It’s not as easy to contract as we may think.

Once I exhaled, I realized just how beautiful my life is BECAUSE of this global reboot.

I’m fulfilling a dream I had given up on over two decades ago. I am producing my own Amazon Prime Series because, like Dolomite, I believe in me. My podcast is launched and I FINALLY learned how to use my microphone!!! I received the proofs for the Hot Mess Edition of Black Women Millionaire book! AND my Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Tribe is growing daily—organically.

I can see that I am transitioning from the internet to entertainment.

It feels divinely ordered. Had it not been for the quarantine, I would not have felt lead to empower my Truth Tellers to focus on the future instead of fear. That’s why I gave the love offering of my most proven self-paced program to the world. That’s why I shifted the focus of my podcast from artistic expression to teaching how to monetize what you know instead of what you do.

It was in this space that I realized my dreams are just as valid as the people I love. I needed to take my own teachings and apply them to my own future; to my own dreams. So I gathered my courage and invested in myself to learn the art form of Standup Comedy. To say I was scared is an understatement.

But I felt like God created this quarantine just for me.

I needed the unaccounted for time to listen to the desires of my heart. To hear the dreams I had given up on as impossible. I NEVER imagined it would be standup. But it was the one thing that made me feel alive. So I’m taking it on.

And I’m am LOVING IT!! I’m learning the structure of a joke as well as different kinds of jokes. It’s fascinating! I’m excited to try writing (EVERYTHING I do comes back to writing!!!!) different types of jokes and really mastering the form. I can see myself filling and selling out stadiums, hosting award shows, having my own specials, television, film—all of it. It feels doable through standup. It feels possible.

So I bless this season in human history.

I will look back on this season of change and transformation and thank God for creating the condition for me to to see a path, that I could win at, to reach the world.

What about you?

How are you living your best (quarantine) life right now. Please post below so we can bear witness. I will respond.

I love you,

Dr. Venus


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