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Jill Scott + God = Miracles

Jill Scott DM’d me and is now following me on social media.

God is so faithful.

I can feel Spirit realigning the cosmos to fulfill my destiny. Here’s the truth: when I read her message I wasn’t star-struck. I felt like an old friend was acknowledging me.

As I transition from internet marketer to entertainment mogul, I’m moved to tears by how God loves me and turns my wants into needs so I allow my destiny to manifest.

It felt like a miracle; like a sign from God that everything is coming together. Not by force but by faith.

And it keeps on getting better.

My TV pilot script is blooming beautifully. Graciously. My script teacher is the truth. I am so thankful for her razor-sharp mind and gentle heart. She’s great with my literal understanding of the world and never makes me feel stupid.

I get nervous sometimes.

Especially when I’m learning something completely new. I tend to do it “right” and sometimes miss the forest for the trees.

Thank God for grace in mercy.

I’m learning how-to tell stories as moving pictures. It’s humbling and exquisitely rewarding at the same time. I realize I am REALLY learning this new art form. I feel grateful.

If that weren’t enough, my team and I met with the production company that is pitching the unscripted TV project I’m attached to in January. It looks promising and it feels right. I feel like God is aligning everything in the perfect order for me.

On the home front, I’m also taking private clients now–and get this: I feel energized instead of drained by the notion. #yay

I’m running Category of One 8-Week Intensive: Don’t be the best. Be the only. We will start on 12/29/20. I’m having between 3-6 clients in an intimate group.
I have space for two more clients in this COO Intensive. If your up to throwing your hat in the ring for one of these last spot, here is the Masterclass & Application.

On a holiday note, Happy is as adorable and assertive as ever. 🐶  He HATES wearing his sweater but he looks precious in it. And he is demanding I be fully present with him after daycare. He had trained me well. 😊 He’s doing great. All is right in my world.

My prayer for you this Holy-day season is you open your heart to receive the ease, fulfillment and affluence of God. I know I have. And it works! I never imagined the level of victory, DURING THE PANDEMIC, God would manifest in my life. I’m clear now about the wonder-working power of trusting God not just for my needs but also with my dreams.

Thanks for witnessing and happy Holiday Season.

I love you.


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