BE THE Only!

It is finished.

I wonder how Jesus felt when he uttered these words on the Cross.

Was he tried?

Did he feel alone?

Jesus’ death on the cross fulfilled the Law, the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah who would save the world.

Did he ever become afraid that he would fail?

The phrase, “it is finished” implies he knew what he was doing AND when it was done.

Then he gave his spirit back to God and died.

I wonder if Jesus replayed his life in his mind. All the different states he went through to he could fulfill that which he was born and cultivated to fulfill.

I think on Jesus a lot.

His integrity to his truth.
His grace and mercy in the face of the ugly parts of humanity.
The gentleness of his love.

Who was gentle with Jesus when he was afraid or doubted himself?

I don’t know.

But I understand those three words.

I understand what it feels like to have your entire existence culminate into “it is finished.”

I can imagine the loneliness of knowing the past but seeing the future as he took one step closer to that cross.

“It is finished” means you have done EVERYTHING in your power to the best of your ability. Now you have to release it to God.

So, Lord, I release it.
I’m am not Jesus.
I am afraid the world won’t get it.

Every insecurity I have about me is so loud right now.
“Who do you think you are?”
“You’re so stupid.”
“Nobody cares about what you have to say.”

I know it’s not true, but I still hear and feel my inadequacies screaming in my ear.

I’m not what they said.
I’m not my wounds.
I am not a worthless piece of shit who should never have been born.

I’m the one you died for, Lord.

–The one you got out off the street and out of rat-infested condemned buildings.
–The one you taught through pain how to hear people’s wounds so clearly my chest hurts.
–The one you kept in school for 13 years and then made me teach for 10 more so I could dismantle then master ANY system.
–The one you let fail her way into success for 10 more years as an entrepreneur so I would become RELIABLE at creating from nothing; to DEFY impossible, as an art form.

So the tech startup has been birth.
It is finished.

I now release it to God’s hands.
Please let the world say yes.
Please Lord let them get it.
Please let this love offering do what you kept me alive for.


Title: It Is Finished
By: Dr. Venus Opal Reese


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