BE THE Only!

I’m sorry.

We launched the Hot Mess Millionaire on Dr. Venus TV yesterday and EVERYTHING that could go wrong did.  And my anxiety got triggered big time. Really. When I get triggered I go from zero to a thousand. If I don’t catch it early, the only thing to do is let it run its course. So I did and I let you see it here.
From technology to communication to my freakin’ HAIR–everything crashed–
Actually, that’s not true.
Everything crashed–but you.
Somehow, you came through for me.
You showed up.
You shared the episode.
You left comments, sent love notes, and had my back.
You were kind when my anxiety kicked in. And you didn’t judge me for being a ”hot mess.”
I’m so sorry this was so messy. Even the marketing language was off.
I didn’t realize that going ”live” on YouTube at 4pmPST is different than going ”live” on Facebook or IG. I misunderstood the language. So I thought the episode would stream and start playing at 4pmPST, not that the episode would be available at approximately 4pmPST, for data gathering purposes. Not for marketing.
So I apologize for misleading you in any AND every way with my wording and positioning of the release of the episodes. The team I hired to help with this launch is working passionately behind the scenes to create something that will work so I can tell you the truth about what we are doing, when and how.
It’s extremely important to me that I am 100% transparent and honest with you. I value your trust, support, and belief in me. And while you may not have noticed any inconsistencies–I do.
Your trust matters that much to me.
And it doesn’t matter if it was a little off or a lot. You are mine. And if I say I love you, that means I tell you the truth. Many people lie by omission and it comes back later to trash trust. I make mistakes often, but they are NEVER deliberate or intentional misleading.
So I thank you in advance for your grace and compassion for me as a human being. My team and I will get all the kinks out of this launch and it may take more trial and error than I had anticipated.
Please be patient with me as I figure out how to produce my show on YouTube. My learning curve is more than I planned for. But you can count on me to stay the course –triggers and all–until this tide turns.
I love you.

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