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I can’t BELIEVE This Happened – In A Pandemic!!!!

My mind is BLOWN!!! This is BANANAS!!! If you EVER doubted the POWER of healing to manifest, this gift from God, will make you a believer!!! As you may or may not know, my Hot Mess Millionaire Original Series, a docuseries about what it REALLY takes to be “self-made” is available in over 100million households through Amazon!!! If you like, check it out here.

After you watch it, If it feels right, please leave (hopefully) a five-star review about the episode. We will drop Episode 2 next week!! But if you want to see it FIRST and discuss it LIVE with me on zoom, head over to Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Tribe to “go deep” and hear some “behind the scenes” things that didn’t make it to screen!) Here’s the link to join the conversation.

It’s a blessing from God to manifest a dream which is to reach the world. With the Hot Mess Millionaire Amazon Series, the Hot Mess Millionaire Podcast, and The Hot Mess Edition of the bestseller Black Woman Millionaire Book, which is ALSO available on Amazon #butgod , that dream is now an actual reality.

But that’s NOT the miracle.

Here’s what you don’t know.

All three offerings – the series, the podcast, and the book – were ALL in breakdown. Everything that could go wrong, did! I mean from bad footage, to fights with service delivery time lines, to creating an entire new ISBN for the hot mess edition and leaving all the reviews behind, each project almost didn’t happen! For real for real.

Then the pandemic happened and AMAZON didn’t release my episode on time. Everything was late. Nothing was working. And I felt like I was losing it all.

So I prayed. I talked with Nanna and then I got still. I heard God whisper to me, “Let it go my Beloved. Let it all go. Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do God. You know I do.”

“I know you do Bae, but I need you to get present. You are my favorite and I will not let you fall.”

“I know this Lord, but I have done EVERYTHING right! I’ve done everything you told me to do! From torching my old life to moving to LA. I do my part, but other people don’t. I don’t know how to fix this when I didn’t f$ck it!”

“I know, Bae. I know. Hear me, my precious, precious, wild, impatient child, I got this. Timing is EVERYTHING. Relax, let go and let me do some God shit. Is that alright? Can I take care of yo,u Bae? Will you let me love you?”

(Tears) “Yes Lord. Yes. I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, Babygirl. Now let me go handle motherf$ckers.”

“Ok Jehovah Nessi.”

“Keep your ears open for my whispers. I have a couple of little things I need you to put in place to work this out in your favor. So when I say pull up, you pull up. Clear?”


“I love you, Bae.”

“I love you, too, God.”

Within hours I heard the whisper of who to call at Amazon to fix the hold up. And she did.

Within a day, the podcast breakdown had been fixed and I have the compassionate communication I need to produce.

Within two days, after I heard the whisper to send a love note to the publishing team, I discovered the book had been published but I didn’t get the email.

But here is where trusting, surrendering, allowing, and knowing blew my mind.

My Amazon series went live 20 minutes before meeting with my PR team. During that meeting we had a guest. By the end of that meeting, I had a global entertainment/production company committing to partnering with me and taking “ownership” of my brand with me as entrepreneurs.

Let me help you understand what this means.

Instead of paying a fee for services rendered, this company will be paid on the back end. They will leverage their resources to amplify my already proven brand for movies, TV shows, hosting, festivals, graphic novels, speaking engagements—you name it!


These Brothers are the truth!

They are proven and we have trust, communication, and honesty already built in because we’ve been in relationship for four years!!! They are not strangers to me. They have supported me in LA informally for years. But now it’s time.

So as I await the proposal for our partnership, I marvel at how all of this manifested without me DOING anything. Yes, I listened to the whispers, but this outcome is NOTHING I could have prayed for, asked for, or intended.

It’s destiny. Fulfilling itself.

If we were not in a pandemic when Hollywood closed down completely, it is very unlikely I would have gotten to my potential partners. They flew ALL over the world and time is limited. But the time was right. The episode went live right before the meeting, and all the pieces came together while the world is in a crisis. I never saw this coming!

But that’s the gift of letting go and letting God.

Please share a time in your life where YOU have let go and let God. I know I’m not the only one!!!!🤣😂🤣 Let’s inspire each other with accounts when we trusted God more than our fear or need to know.

I can’t wait to have my mind BLOWN by reading your “surrender story!”

I love you,

Dr. Venus

Ps. When you join the FB group please be sure to answer the three short questions so I can create content that feeds you. Yes you will be able to join the conversation about each episode before we drop it on Amazon, but you will also learn how to pimp your pain into peace, purpose, and profits! Click the link above.

PPs: When you grab your copy of the Black Woman Millionaire book and/or watch each episode on the Amazon series, be sure to leave some five-star and written love so others see the value. The reviews are not about me. They are in service of people who don’t know me, comprehending the value of the book, series, or podcast in THEIR lives! I thank you in advance for empowering me to do God’s work, world wide.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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