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I can’t believe it…

I can’t believe it…
It’s happening.
I mean REALLY happening.

We are doing a prelaunch campaign for my digital platform in the next couple of weeks to build buzz and to test the market.

I’m in my feelings but not in a bad way.

I don’t believe God could ever give you or I a vision that wasn’t already manifested in the mind of God.

I’m in my feelings because there’s no fear in me.

*Maybe it’s because I’m turning 50 and I no longer have anything to prove.

*Perhaps I have emotionally matured and spiritually evolved enough that I know that this is God’s work and has NOTHING to do with me and my willpower to “make things happen.”

*Or maybe I have no fear because I have failed my way into success so many times, I’m no longer threatened by the prospect of failing.

Failure is never real. It’s just more data to clarify one’s next winning move.

Be that as it may, please send up prayers, good juju, well wishes, and divine light.

My prayer is this digital platform fills a need in the market space that transforms the world.

To tame my inner critic and perfectionism, I’m relating to the first year as beta and information gathering from Early Adopters and users. It’s my first shot at a tech startup so I’m taking the pressure off of me by realizing that this is a “first to market” platform. So I can expect bugs.
I feel like my entire life groomed me to do this. As far as I am concerned, God’s got it.

“When destiny and victory FINALLY collide/There’s no sound more sweeter than when God says it’s time” – Kirk Franklin
And I am grateful.

Here is one of the frames from the sales page. It’s real, raw, and unapologetic. I wanted the platform to be fearless & inclusive in its content while also being feminine and powerful in its presentation.
Here’s a “sneak peak.”

What do you think?

If you haven’t already and want to be the first to know when we start the prelaunch, sign up here:

I love you,
Dr. Venus


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