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Hot Mess Millionaire is LIVE on iTunes!!

It’s here!! My Hot Mess Millionaire Show on iTunes is LIVE, hot and ready for you!

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I did my show in episodes, which we will drop weekly on Mondays at 10amPST! 

And here’s what’s so FIRE about it: we kick off the show with an AUDIO PERFORMANCE of my one woman show!!!!! Yep, you heard it from me, “The Raw Truth: A Pimp Daughter’s Dairy” is coming to your ear—raw and unapologetic. Each scene is an episode that we can discuss in our BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Community!!! 

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Hot Mess Millionaire is a freedom cry! And with all freedom cries, we will need a place to talk about it, learn from each other and simply process how to turn pain into purpose, peace, and profits! 

The Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Community is the hub for ALL THINGS “hot mess!” That includes the upcoming (get ready to scream!) Black Woman Millionaire “Hot Mess” Edition of the book YOU made a bestseller! I have evolved as a Black Woman and from a business to a brand. The “Hot Mess” edition of the book keeps all the raw, healing and transformational power of the first edition but goes further. It includes an entirely NEW section specifically addressing established entrepreneurs about mining their mess for marketing gold! Just like Beyonce did with Lemonade, and Kevin Hart did with Laugh At My Pain, there is a way to turn YOUR mess into meaning AND millions! 

But wait—there’s more! #iknowsocliche

I will be doing “First Look” Screenings of EACH episode of my “Hot Mess Millionaire” Amazon Prime Series ONLY in the Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Tribe, for my “Truth Tellers.” Just like the iTunes Show is released in weekly episodes, so is the Amazon Prime series. If you want to hear the backstory of what it took to produce my own series or be the first to get tickets for my upcoming tour or want to benefit from working with me directly, you HAVE to be a member of the Hot Mess Millionaire Facebook Tribe!

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Thank you for your loyalty and patience with me as I‘ve transitioned from having a business to becoming a brand. Here’s the good news: I’m just getting started. 

Walk with me,

Dr. Venus

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