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He Would Die For Me?

I was reared in violence.
I was an unprotected child is the gentlest way I can say this.
Because adults abused their power with my body from 6 to 16, I learned that people in authority would never respect my body, my voice, and my no.

The damage was total.

I ended up attracting relationships that recreated the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical disregard and violence I was born into.

What’s more, I transferred the abuse of power to God. Moreso to Jesus.

Let me explain.

I love God.
I love Jesus.
I love the Holy Spirit.

I just never believe that Jesus died for me.

The historical Jesus walked the earth.
I believe Jesus was a revolutionary of his day.
I believe he died and resurrected as the fulfillment of the Mosetic Law.

In short: Jesus fulfilled his destiny, and did God’s will.

I’m good with all of that.

What I had NEVER been able to swollow is that Jesus died for me.

So I roll hard with God, but have kept a polite spiritual distance from Jesus.

As for the Holy Spirit, I never really engaged.

No disrespect. I just have always felt connected to God. And if it’s a three for one deal, I didn’t see a problem with it.

I’ve been sick for the almost five weeks.

My body is weak but getting stronger daily.
As I contended with my inability to do anything productive, I decided to fast and pray for at least the next three months. I’m leaning towards making it a lifestyle.

I took precious time with my God.
The God of MY understanding.
I just wanted to feel better—in my body and in my life. I was been afraid for so long.
The sickness just amplified the isolation.

I live alone in LA.
Happy, my bichon, is my only companion, by choice.
I don’t have family here.

But I do have God.

So I chose to trust and rest in Spirit as I healed emotional scars from my childhood that re-emerged in my body and in my adult life.

It was time evolve.

I study with audio books (Joyce Myers “Unleashing The Power Of Faith and T.D. Jakes’ “Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven”)and my Bibles ( I move between 8 translations. My new favorite is The Passion Testament.) I’m doing a course on the book of Genesis from Hillsdale College with one of my male friends as well.

This was the best decision I have ever made!

One of my Truth Tellers suggested that my illness was required for me to be still and focuse on God. There may be truth to that. 

Here is a short video with one of the biggest revelations of my life. 

Please watch this short video above that has moved me into a new dimension in my evolution and in my God.👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

I’m rethinking everything and can feel myself about to make some bold moves that are completely God-guided. And I feel GREAT about them!

Here are the messages that have been feeding me as I fast in pray this season:

Prayer Partner Part 1 (This teaching humbled my intellectual arrogance. It created an opening for me to move out of my intellect and make room for Spirit to intercede were my words fail)

Prayer Partner Part 2 (This was the one that gave me access to an ENTIRELY new comprehension of the 3 in 1 aspect of divinity in relstionship to being a human being.🤯#mindblown

Steady in The Storm (This wisdom helped me get through one of the most confronting days of my life!!!! On the other side, a deep healing took place that has been with me since I was 10 years old. #Godissofaithful

A Bold Move (This teaching opened my heart to realize that God had made a bold move to choose me and it was time to move from survival mode to mission mode! #somuchyes

Heaven’s Resources For Earthly Dilemmas (This revelation caused me to transform my relationship with Yahweh. It didn’t see it coming!)

I can see now that nothing is EVER wrong or wasted. Everything only gets me closer to my God.

And I am grateful.


It’s ok if you don’t believe what I believe. That’s not the point of this intimate and personal sharing.
This is my life.
My walk.
My God.

Please refrain from diminishing my truth.

I do not diminish yours. And it’s completely unneccesary. If you choose to post, please do so in the spirit of dignity and love.

I thank you in advance for honoring the vulnerability of my truth. I love you for doing so.



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