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This has to be the BEST birthday of my life!! Look at ALL the love in the form of flowers!!!! Thank you Ivy Dawson for the beautiful pink roses!!! They brought joy to my heart. Seraphina Uludong the arrangement on the left from you is GLORIOUS!!! The red roses are from Courtney Stewart & Derrial and they just made my birthday dinner that more special. The arrangement in the glass bowl is from a younger suitor who is just precious. 🤯😅😬
But wait. It gets better.
I also received love from my birth family as well as my adopted family!!! Cousins, nieces, MY BROTHER!! My sister who is in heaven’s love, new friends and old flames. #buildingmybench
I also had GREAT conversations with people I hadn’t talked to in a LONG time. One of my boys who is now out of jail and is MARRIED with a new family that cherishes him, sent me a song and talked with me for over an hour!! #ThankYouLord
I find that the more I heal, the more space there is for me to experience just how cherished I really am. And I am grateful.
Thank you God for loving me like you do.
For your patience with me.
For providing for me in ways I could never ask for.
For holding me close and calling me your own.
For ordering my steps always back to you.
Thank you for answers prayers as well as the unanswered ones.
Because I wait in you, I am not afraid.
You are my rest.
My peace.
My point for being alive.
And as long as I live, you will be my God and your people will be my people.
You are my God.
My love my life.
I love so much God.
My life is your life.
I am your hands.
Your feet.
I love so much Lord.
Thank you for loving so completely that I am made whole in your love.
In Jesus name,

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