BE THE Only!

God’s Provision.

I didn’t know it would be like this…
God has been with me since BEFORE I was on the streets. I remember my stomach hurting because I was so hungry.

I prayed.

Immediately a book of Food Stamps “happened” to blow down the street right into my leg. There were enough food stamps/vouchers in the book to eat for a month.

God has ALWAYS provided for me.

I never know how God will provide, but it’s always in a way I could NEVER pray for. And bigger than my mind can initially receive.

Ain’t nothing changed.

As I witness and experience how George Floyd’s character is murdered; when I feel the pain of Daunte Wright calling his mother to tell her he is afraid he is about to die; when I weep for how the media paints DMX as a trifflin’ drug user not a human in pain, I reach for God. I reach for guidance, hope, provision.

It’s almost like being on the streets again.

The hopeless feeling of powerlessness washes over me like titanic waves. My chest aches and I have asthma attacks. I feel like there’s nothing I can do that will make any difference.

Then I pray.

It’s the same prayer I prayed on Monument Street, sitting in urine and beer. Simple and direct: God, please help me. It’s almost like I have to wear myself out to get to the rock bottom of my willpower to reach for God.

The answer this time: take Happy for his morning walk.

Happy is a dog magnet. Dogs come up to Happy to say hi, and drag their humans with them. Well yesterday morning after grieving the loss of Daunte’s life due to a taser being mistaken for a gun (#gurrl I did an entire video about it). I was still in my feelings as the two dogs came to say hi to Happy.

The two dogs were attached to a human who works for iHeart Media, which owns ALL the billboard space, placement on food shelves, and media in gas stations you see all over America. The human attached to the two dogs is the person who digs through the data to make sure product gets in front of the right people so people buy.

I recently put out a call for new hires. One hire was a paid traffic expert who was proven. This brilliant Black Man, who loves his momma, exceeds anything I could have prayed.

I’m launching my new tech startup for Black Women in months. We are in production now. My intention is to presale 20k app annual subscriptions at $50 each which grosses $1 million BEFORE we launch.

Having someone who can do the analytics so we target the right group based on algorithms is an answered prayer.

It’s provision.
It’s purpose manifesting.
It’s peace.

And it’s COMPLETELY God’s will.

I didn’t know birthing billionaires would require the deepest level of trust, surrender and allowing I have EVER had to do in my entire life. But it does. And I have to go back through my survival to surrender over and over, deeper and deeper.

God gave me the vision of birthing 100 Billionaire Black Women. It’s so God, it’s staggering. But the point of “billionaire” is not the money. Billionaire is ALL ABOUT creating the structures and channels to build infrastructure for generational freedom and wealth so we are not living at the mercy of White Supremacy anymore.

So as I grieve, I plan.
I build.
I trust.
I allow.
I surrender.

And I take Happy for his walks.

God is in control.


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