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God’s Favor Is Real.

God’s favor is real.
Even for a street urchin like me.
I don’t deserve this life.

I remember an old hymn by Fanny Crosby that had a phrase in it, “saved a wretch like me.” That’s how I feel.

But God.

My life imploded three years ago.
I moved to LA two years ago.
I had a dream of being an artist.

Hot Mess Millionaire was created.
Amazon green-lit the 1st episode.
Amazon declined the rest of the series.

I chose to produce the entire series myself.
I chose to trust God’s whispers.
Over four million streams in less than a year.

Pandemic hit.
Covid shuts down the world.
George Floyd.

Lose my brother to Covid.

Cocoon in God.
Reread the New Testament.
Prayed without ceasing.

Felt guilty for being alive.

Focused on social change.
Focused on healing.
Focused on having a reason to live.
A purpose that was worthy of my life.

Birthing 100 Billionaire Black Women through technology and content became my reason.

Threw myself into creating my digital platform for and by Black Women at breakneck speed.

Realized I was burning myself out.
Took time to do personal development work.

God said slow down and let yourself be supported.
I created that who I am is the possibility of loving leadership, support, and empowering partnership.

Realized I still had the dream of being a full-time artist.

Realized I didn’t think I had the right to “jump the line” in Hollywood because I hadn’t earned the right by paying my dues.

Realized that God’s favor supersedes all human conventions, timelines, and norms.

Within 48 hours of surrendering my will to God’s will about my artistic dreams, I am in dialogue with a Black Woman producer (with a current hit TV show on air) about walking in/shopping Hot Mess Millionaire into networks and streaming platforms.

Turns out that BECAUSE Amazon said no and forced me to self-produce the Hot Mess Millionaire series, having two best-selling books, and having an engaged tribe of hundreds of thousands of Truth Tellers I can jump the line.

I just signed the shopping contract.

All my social change posts have reached millions of people. Only God could have known that grieving George would have me reach the world.

Only God could take the grief of the loss of my brother and position me as a media mogul in climates LOOKING for Black Women in tech.

Only God could take my brokenness and heal me to the point I no longer have to do it alone.

My consult producer is a gift from God.

She loves God, is great with my PTSD, loves Happy (she has two dogs and a cat!), and empowers my raw truth instead of shying away from it.

My life is a miracle.

Here’s the proof. While in Vegas, a beautiful sister and I were walking toward the ladies room chatting away. When I stopped to ask her her name, she gasps and her eyes teared up.

She recognized me from Hot Mess Millionaire on Amazon.

She said to me my Hot Mess Millionaire Show changed her life. She shared about surviving cancer, her amazing TEDx Talk and her dreams of hosting her own show.

She thanked me for telling the truth.

I offered to take a photo with her and have included it here.

Her name is JayBee please check her out.

She is a sister I want to empower to monetize her mess into millions. She, and sisters like her, inspire me.

Meeting her in Vegas let me know that God is saying to me it’s time.

My life is a product of God’s love.
God’s favor is real.
And I am grateful.

Title: God’s Favor Is Real
By: Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Date: 09.30.21


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