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(God Lovin’ On Me!) Won’t He Do It!

My 51st Birthday was Sep 23rd. I’m born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. One of my loyal “Truth Tellers” who is a Libra and a powerhouse Black Woman entrepreneur said God had told her to reach out to me.
I didn’t get it.
She said she wanted to gift me an all expense paid, 1st class trip to Montego Bay as a vacation birthday present. In fact, other Libras were coming to relax and just celebrate being alive!!!
I have NEVER had ANYONE do this for me. 
When you’re the one with resources, you are expected to foot the bill. But this was not that. This was an inspired gift from a Sister girlfriend who did what God told her to do!
So, I am on vacation in Jamaica!!!
In two weeks, I will be speaking at Aprille Franks Epic Women Mexico live event! Again, another EXTRAORDINARY Black Woman entrepreneur, is flying me in, first class . I get to serve her tribe by speaking to empower women entrepreneurs and their relationship with money. This is soooooooo my wheel house! I am excited to share lived- wisdom. It’s what I’m built for.
The Epic Woman Mexico in-person event is filled but there are still seat available. Go here for deets!
I will take pictures from both countries to share the experiences with you!
What I am realizing is God is calling me forth to live again.
To stop being afraid of COVID, travel—just LIFE!— and to just simply live again.
Dream again.
Believe again.
And serve.
I feel Spirit pulling me to female entrepreneurs.
It’s getting clear.
I trust God. .
For now I’m giving myself the permission to be on VACATION!!!
Thank you for bearing witness!
I love you,
Dr. Venus

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