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God Is Not Playing With Me

God is NOT playing with me!

In a matter of WEEKS, I have been blessed with new energy, new support AND new vision! I see now that not only was I grieving the loss of my brother, Tory, I was also grieving the death of my former business and with that my former life.

(Before I go any further, please save this date: Feb 5th and 6th)

I had to unsubscribe, close accounts, and dismantle ALL systems tied to that past. You may have known this, but I JUST realized it: I have a new business. That includes the model, the content, AND how I operate within it.

I am leaning more into how things feel than what I think I should do.
I am trusting my body to tell me when I have the right person supporting me or defaulting to what’s familiar just so I don’t feel anxiety.
I am allowing my intuition to choose who I let near me and cutting out ALL the noise of others.

I am going to hot yoga again. I haven’t gone since 2018. I love it. It feels like I just came home.

I am eating intuitively. I am not denying my body what she wants. If I get curves, so be it. I am 50. I am tired of fighting my body to look like a prepubescent boy.

I am reading the Bible this year with two other amazing Sisters who take away the spiritual loniness.

But most importantly, I am trusting God instead of forcing outcomes.

By so doing, new miracles fall in my lap daily. And I am grateful.

So, I say ALL of that to say I am moving forward on spiritually inspired path I lovingly call, “Healing with Him.” It’s an evolution of my healing work in service of you sis. I am discovering the more I heal, the less I am triggered by the Black men in my life who genuinely love me. As for the brothers who don’t, they NATURALLY fall away because my wounds aren’t trying to make them stay.

Can we say peace?

I am realizing how effective and valuable it is to heal WITH the Black Men who love us so I am doing something I have NEVER done before and I want you there!

Considering what I am learning as I live it, I invite you to save this date:

Tickets are FREE until Feb 1st.
Get ready to have your mind BLOWN!

My new team and I are getting everything together to knock your socks off! LOL

God is on the move. I can feel the tsunami of good about to rain down on us as we heal the historical wounds that have kept us warring with our Men.

I will send out more details in a few days—if not sooner.
Thanks for walking with me sis. I appreciate your patience and grace as I grow.

I love you,

Dr. Venus


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