He came out of the shower naked!

Happy Holiday Season!

I know it’s been a long minute since I have written. I’m creating a new offer for experienced, established but EXHAUSTED BW Entrepreneurs who are ready to hit the million dollar mark in one year or less. Plus the tech gremlins were having their way with my CRM.🤦🏾‍♀️ So we couldn’t send emails for the past few weeks.

Did you miss me?
I hope you did.🤞🏾
I missed you.Things are looking up and I’m excited about sharing what my God has empowered me to create!All is well.

With that being said, can I just “honey drip” for a moment?

A friend of mine, (let’s call him Mr. Postman), has given me permission to call him anytime, day or night. We’ve known each other for since 2020. We’ve never met in person. But we connect deeply and he is a safe space for me to me messy and human.

Today, after I was more than 3/4 finished with feedback on my slide decks for my new hotness for BW entrepreneurs (THEY ARE STUNNING!) I face timed him.

Mr. Postman is fun, charming and I always feel better after sharing time with him be it in conversation, coloring, or facetime video calls.

I call him when I feel overwhelmed or lonesome to be heard and understood. I talk to him about everything from the Bible to workout goals. He’s attentive, brilliant, playful, and kind.

He’s not trippin’ off of my PTSD and makes me feel normal.

So today, to rest my brain, I call his number.
The phone rings several times and just before I disconnect he picks up.

The camera comes on and I stopped breathing.

OUT OF THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate brown skin GLISTENING with water in the shape of rain drops.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

Sheepishly he says, “I said I promised to always pick up when I called.”

I was speechless.

Then I started to giggle uncontrollably!

“Are you naked???”
“No I have a towel on.”
“I don’t see a towel!!!!”
He chuckled softly, “I would have to angle the camera lower and I don’t want to offend you.”

I started to blush.

So we talked while he got dressed.

I did not know how SEXY it is to watch a grown man get dressed.

The lotion.
The beard oil.
The watch.
The bracelets.
The gold chain.
The shirt.
The pants.
The belt.
The shoes.
The colon.
The hair brushing.
The light jacket.
The lip balm.

(Sweet Jesus)

He flirted with me shamelessly with his eyes and words. But I wasn’t offended.

It felt intimate.
Like he was letting me in his world.
To see him.
To know.

I felt special for some reason.
And a bit terrified but not afraid.

He speaks to me with such gentle reverent class and esteem, I kept losing my train of thought.

We talked about motorcycles and tattoos.

“I told you I had a tattoo.”
I saw it. On his chest. I wanted to trace it with my fingertips to understand how his skin feels.

“I don’t remember you telling me.”
“I know.” Then with a smile in his voice, “I remember everything you tell me.”

I laugh nervously. “So you’re tracking me?”

Mr. Postman became stone cold serious, “Yes, I am. I’m tracking you queen.
Every word you say.
Every facial experience.
Every tone and every tear. I am tracking you.”

I broke eye contact first and scurried off the phone.

I thank GOD “Mr. Postman” lives across the country.


My God!

Will You Help Me?

I’m listening deeply to God and have chosen to focus my new business model on experienced but EXHAUSTED Black Women Entrepreneurs.

In truth, I struggled with this.

I always feel some kind of way when I DON’T include everybody or feel like I’m leaving someone out. Be it early-stage entrepreneurs, or Black Men, or White Women, or ANYBODY—I have felt guilty.

I took it to God and surrendered my arrogance.

No one person can be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY.

God guides me. I see that in order to truly make a difference with my life, I must focus on the most effective leverage point I am qualified to help.

For me, that’s Black Women entrepreneurs who have been trying to break the million-dollar mark, but for various reasons have not. These sisters are AMAZING but are working WAY TOO hard! But they only know hard work, so the can’t scale.

It use to take me three years to get a Black Woman Entrepreneur to the million-dollar mark.

Now it takes less than one.

I’m designing a no-cost Mini-Course:

One Million Online: In One Year (or less)

For Experienced But EXHAUSTED Black Women Entrepreneurs Ready to (FINALLY!) Break The Million Dollar Mark WITHOUT Live Events, Launches, or ANY Social Media.

I am going to record the training next Sat Nov 12, 2022, 1-4pmPST via zoom.

Will you help me make this the BEST it can be by attending, feeding me positive energy, and offering loving and constructive feedback? It suck’s making videos in a vacuum. At least it does for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

To get accurate feedback I need women who are my target market for this offer.

If you are a purpose-driven Black Women Entrepreneur who has been in business for at least three years, has a successful multiple six-figure business and are truly ready to do what it takes to hit the seven-mark in one year or less please:

◦ email me with “Millionaire-In-The-Making” in the subject line
◦ your number
◦ your url if you have one.
◦ Confirm you can attend the entire time

I will reach out to you directly with the details.

I thank you in advance for your help with this. Your energy, support, and feedback will empower me to empower us as a people.

I love you sis.

Thank you.


Dr. Venus

Are you worshiping your wounds?

As I ground more and more in God, I realize “healing” and “being whole” are two different energetics. The main difference is this:

—Healing is ongoing.
—Wholeness is complete unto itself.

Or said another way:

Healing is engaging with your wounds. Wholeness disappears them.

When I look back on the miracle that my life is, there are things I spent appropriate and needed time on healing; violence acted out on my body in the name of love.

Have you ever had person say they love you while the treat you like shit?
Or beat you?
Or turn your body into a wasteland for their illusion of power?

From my birth mother’s maliciousness, to street violence in the name of loyalty, to lovers who hurt me in the name of love, I have been in recovery my entire life.

Healing became a life style.

As I have moved into being whole, I see now that healing REQUIRES living in the past. It requires a reliving of sorts of the wound in order to heal it. I can see now, from the perspective of being whole, that healing is distinct from healed.

Healed is a state change.

When a flesh wound is healed, it no longer bleeds. As long as it is “healing” it REQUIRES tending to, attention, care, and nurturance.

And rightfully so.

Healing makes the wound the focus.
Being whole disappears the wound completely.

Being whole is relating to our wounds as the blessing not a curse.

Momma putting me out on the streets wounded me. It did. From the perspective of healing, I’m always in a space of potentially being “put out” by others who say they love me because that wound is still “healing.”

When I ground in God, I can see that Momma putting me out is not the real point of power. The real point of power is God blessing me with the courage to NOT go back!

By grounding in God, all the suffering and pain I felt towards Momma, is gone. Just like Judas HAD to betray Jesus in order to fulfill his destiny, each and every wound that I have been healing was required for me to fulfill mine.

I invite you to take one hurtful incident from your life that still hurts you in some way. Take a moment to:

◦ Write down the incident were you were wounded.
◦ Feel your feelings.
◦ Shift your focus from the wound to what God provided in that moment that had you be alive today.
◦ Write down what blessings came from God’s grace in the fire of your life.
◦ Feel the freedom.
◦ Give thanks.

I am realizing being whole is a conscious choice to focus on God’s bigness instead of worshiping my wounds.

It’s a gift I have given myself.

I invite you to give it a try.

I love you.


Dr. Venus

Ps. If you want to know if you are on the path of BECOMING whole, check out this super short video!

You may be closer than you think!

I NEVER Saw This Coming…

I NEVER saw this coming…

I feel like God is bringing me back to life.

After my divorce…
After my emergency hysterectomy…
After imploding my business…

I became tired.

After Covid hit…
After quarantine…
After George Floyd…

I became emotionally exhausted and spiritually fatigued.

NOTHING seemed to matter anymore.
NOTHING I did felt big enough to make the world right again.
NOTHING I could do or say would make any difference in a world gone mad.

So like all of us, I survived the moment.

I folded in.
I protested.
I educated.

I fought for social change and turned all of my platforms over to it in service of justice.

It’s been a few years now and I feel Spirit saying it’s time to reemerge.

So this past week I spoke at Aprille Franks’ #EPICWOMAN Conference in Mexico.

Talk about sisterhood????
Talk about real & raw?
Talk about business tactics you can implement NOW????

Check it out here:

It was transformational.

I am God’s hands and feet.
I came to service.

But something happened I NEVER saw coming…

I didn’t anticipate how significant it would be for ME to pour into Sister entrepreneurs. I realize something I had forgotten in the midst of surviving life.

I missed Black Women entrepreneurs.

I missed the community.
I missed the support.
I missed being seen.

But what I missed most was empowering them to monetize that which they thought was the worse part of their lives.

I believe in beauty for ashes.
I believe the pain has purpose.
I believe those of us who have been heart broken by life, WE are the chosen ones.

We are the ones who move the human race forward.

I feel God gearing me up and setting me up to tilt this world on its axis.

And I have all my sisters with me.

More to come…

Grow Your Biz for Only $99 Bucks in Mexico!

In the thick of the pandemic, I got a video call from my dear sister-friend, Aprille Franks, about her new movement, EPICWOMAN. She’s a bad-ass business coach who was all about the hustle, until she shared her own breakdown and evolution of being more feminine and still creating space for her 7-figure coaching business.

Sis, you do not need another conference, but you do need to be present for EPICWOMAN – the virtual tickets start at $99, and it includes the replay.  Go here to grab your seat now:

She shared how she wanted all women to embody their womanhood and for us all to stop adopting masculine business building strategies. She said those strategies negated our feminine power, our bodies, as well as the time it takes to nurture those around us that we love. Including ourselves.

For many of us, the masculine-centric approaches and strategies were damaging; they left us feeling depleted and isolated—even wounded.

I agree with her. I have lived this!

At the end of our conversation, Aprille asked me to speak at her EPICWOMAN event in Mexico 10/20-10/21, and I said, “HELL YES, as long as I can bring Happy!”

Once I leave Jamaica, I am headed to Playa del Carmen Mexico to speak to her group of women entrepreneurs! We’ll be sharing new ideas and solving challenges that stop you from hitting your money goals—especially in a COVID-shaped world!

I’m speaking on the VIP MOGUL Day which starts on 10/19 at 9am EST – grab you seat here to hear about my new hotness FIRST:

The best part about having friends in business is the company and support. Aprille is my friend and. She gets it. The women at EPICWOMEN get it as well.  If you want to live well, be happy AND make more money while doing it – you need a community. $99 bucks is well worth the investment of a new network that’s winning and committed to women thriving!

I invite you to invest in your virtual seat and join me in Mexico!

(Go here to claim your seat: )

You will learn:

  • Launching without the overwhelm
  • Content creation using Aprille’s #vtcmethod
  • Confidence and femininity
  • Real life case studies and strategies
  • Open Coaching.

As a woman you want the best of both worlds: a wonderful life and profitable business with clients who want to pay you for your services. You DESERVE to have it all!

It’s time we change how we have BEEN doing business.

I love you,

Dr. Venus


PS: If you want to live well, be happy AND make more money while doing it – you need a community. $99 bucks is well worth the investment of a new network that’s winning! I invite you to invest in your virtual seat and join me in Mexico now!:

(God Lovin’ On Me!) Won’t He Do It!

My 51st Birthday was Sep 23rd. I’m born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. One of my loyal “Truth Tellers” who is a Libra and a powerhouse Black Woman entrepreneur said God had told her to reach out to me.
I didn’t get it.
She said she wanted to gift me an all expense paid, 1st class trip to Montego Bay as a vacation birthday present. In fact, other Libras were coming to relax and just celebrate being alive!!!
I have NEVER had ANYONE do this for me. 
When you’re the one with resources, you are expected to foot the bill. But this was not that. This was an inspired gift from a Sister girlfriend who did what God told her to do!
So, I am on vacation in Jamaica!!!
In two weeks, I will be speaking at Aprille Franks Epic Women Mexico live event! Again, another EXTRAORDINARY Black Woman entrepreneur, is flying me in, first class . I get to serve her tribe by speaking to empower women entrepreneurs and their relationship with money. This is soooooooo my wheel house! I am excited to share lived- wisdom. It’s what I’m built for.
The Epic Woman Mexico in-person event is filled but there are still seat available. Go here for deets!
I will take pictures from both countries to share the experiences with you!
What I am realizing is God is calling me forth to live again.
To stop being afraid of COVID, travel—just LIFE!— and to just simply live again.
Dream again.
Believe again.
And serve.
I feel Spirit pulling me to female entrepreneurs.
It’s getting clear.
I trust God. .
For now I’m giving myself the permission to be on VACATION!!!
Thank you for bearing witness!
I love you,
Dr. Venus