BE THE Only!


This has to be the BEST birthday of my life!! Look at ALL the love in the form of

About last night…

Stopping traffic. Just.Because. I. Can. #sexygirlflex Had breakfast with my baby boy. 🐶 #getoffmyplatehappy People parting like the red


What does it mean to love a Black Manwho wears the wounds of history like armor? I see you,

“We are not afraid.”

Lynchings are designed to terrorize us.To keep us powerless.Voiceless.Silenced.In bondage. No more. We will NOT be intimidated. Lynching has

Wealth = Freedom

Natasha posted this quote from my Black Woman Millionaire book and it made my heart smile. Having our own


There are Mothers and then there are Mommas. Mothers give birth.Mommas sacrifice. Mothers feed and clothe.Mommas give their babies

All Lives Matter?

I Cry For You “COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!”“Is this your car?“You fit the description.”“Resisting Arrest.”“PUT YOUR HANDS