BE THE Only!

Win or Die

God, please let me do what you want for my life. Please. I know I can help. Please help

Cry or Laugh?

As an act of self-love, I am INTENTIONALLY, CONSCIOUSLY, and ACTIVELY focusing on the positive. It’s amazing how grief

Is It Worth It.

Is it worth it? The effort it takes JUST to live? To put one foot in front of the

Please Lord…

Dear Lord, I know I’m grieving. But in all honesty, some days are better than others. I feel like

Good From Capitol Riot

This is going to sound crazy. It seems crazy writing it. Here’s the truth: Something GOOD and unexpected came

I wish I could cry…

My mouth tastes like salt. I wish I could cry like normal people do. When they grieve. I don’t.

All Comfort. No Words.

(Secure Attachments) Since Happy was 3 months old, he has been stealing my socks. I have no idea why.


My body is tired. My brain is physically fatigued. But I feel alive. I am writing. Only four syllables.

Dear God

Dear God, Forgive my unbelief. I feel like a hypocrite. You have covered me before I was born. You

The Sacrifice.

I’m trying to relax. Into the future. My mind keeps dragging into the past. 8 minutes & 43 seconds.

God is faithful.

() To get my mind off of the election, I’m working out AND playing with my pup! Yes, I

Election Altar Call

Who else is getting ”prayed up” for the upcoming election and results? I don’t know about you, but I’m

I’m sorry.

We launched the Hot Mess Millionaire on Dr. Venus TV yesterday and EVERYTHING that could go wrong did.  And


Feet swollen. Standing in line. 11 hours. Hungry. I don’t mind. My grandmomma, she couldn’t read. Back curved forward.

I’m afraid of you.

Not in a physical way–but emotional. Like so many Black Women–actually, women in general–I had organized my life around