BE THE Only!

Juneteenth Is A Joke

Dr. King NEVER asked for integration. He gave his life to “freedom and justice for all.” Civil Rights don’t

Wisdom Arises

It hurts my pride to admit this… Here’s the truth… (Sigh) I’m getting older. Pains. Aches. Impatience. Arise. No

Plantation Pimping

“No.” “I don’t agree.” “I will not do it your way.” “I have a mind of my own.” “I

Startup Stress.

(Startup Stress ) I have a love/hate relationship with my Personal Trainer. He talks MUCH SMACK, when I’m struggling!

It is finished.

I wonder how Jesus felt when he uttered these words on the Cross. Was he tried? Did he feel

White Power Love

My photographer/Creative Director quit on me 2 business days before my tech startup photoshoot for & by Black Women.

Black Murder Porn.

She had a knife. That will be their justification for shooting 16 years young Ma’Khia Bryant 4 times in

God’s Provision.

I didn’t know it would be like this… God has been with me since BEFORE I was on the

Growing In God.

I sit. Still. Quiet. Breathe. Marvel. I marvel at growing in God. From death comes new life. New thoughts.

Razor’s Edge

I’m balancing on a razor’s edge. Not certain I will make it to the finish line. Each time I

A Car Is Not A Highway

I recently received a very gentle decline letter for a screenwriting fellowship. It was beautifully worded so I didn’t