BE THE Only!

Black Love Is Fragile.

He’s teaching me how to cook. Nothing major. Just breakfast food. He keeps buying me groceries. Is this normal????

He Wants To Marry Me.

He wants to marry me. He’s not rushing me. He’s just helping me understand his intention. He is teaching

Sick To My Stomach…

I feel sick to my stomach. Overwhelmed. Nauseous. I think I’m about to vomit. My consulting producer has cut

In Love Or Not?

When bad things happen in the past, they can only be healed when they resurface, specifically in one’s current

Healing Black Love

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” Water wells up in my eyes. I fall backwards through space and time. I

Black Girl Booty

I have “Black girl booty.” If you get that gap in the back of your jeans because your bum


I’m more girl than woman with you. Giggly. Girly. Shy. You speak to me in pleas instead of demands.

Love Eternal

You don’t know this, but… I have loved you for centuries. Eons. Millenniums. Before time. I loved you as

I can’t believe it…

I can’t believe it… It’s happening. I mean REALLY happening. We are doing a prelaunch campaign for my digital

Soul Sisters

On a personal note… HOT GIRL SUMMER WITH MY DAWG!!!! I took Happy to a dog beach and it

Thank you, Lord.

I love you. I get scared sometimes. I worry I’m not good enough for you. I feel inadequate mostly.