BE THE Only!

Which One?

THESE ARE NOT FINAL! Earlier this week I did a live stream about what to name my upcoming in

Purist Love

I woke up thinking about you. Praying for you. Praying for an “Us” you saw long before I could

In The Wake of Ahmaud…

In the wake of Ahmaud Arbery’s hard-fought justice, check out this article about how Black Men & Boys are

Guess What?

(ITS IMPORTANT TO READ TO THE END. Please do so. Thank you.) Wow. Just… wow. Do you ever feel

Dear Lord, A Word…

I just finished Genesis 48-50 and my heart is moved deeply. The level of honor Joseph showed his father,

I’m not a Virgin

I am not a virgin. I have been sexually active. Always, it seems like. Since I was a child.

Tender Mercies

I’m nervous. Excited. Terrified. Elated. Part of me feels special. Chosen. Wanted. Another side of me is afraid. Am


There are days when I feel well, brave, and strong. There are days when I feel proud of me.

We Cried Together

It’s the late 80s. I’ve been on the streets for a year. 17 and verbally vicious. My words were

Pillow Talk.

I lay in bed. Naked. A sheet draped over my satiated body. Our noses kiss. Like Eskimos. We laugh

Letting Him Provide.

Like so many Black Women, I became independent out of necessity, not by choice. I grew up poor. Fatherless.