BE THE Only!

Reckoning with Aging

I stare in the mirror at my aging body. Lines.Wrinkles.Cellulite. I touch my belly, that looks like I’m 5 months pregnant,

The Greatest

She’s been winning since she was a teenager. Serena Williams has competed in and won major tennis tournaments in

Grace begets miracles…

Grace begets miracles… Dana Chanel shared that she was terrified about being with a man who could not provide

Breonna Justice

Falsified warrant. Excessive force. Wrong location. More than two years after Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home while

Warring With Racists

Warring with racists is not a “fist fight.” It feels like I’m supposed to take it. Accept the slurs,

Black Girl Booty Shame

WARNING: POSSIBLY TRIGGERING POST. ****************************************** Being a girl-child wasn’t safe. Without a father who protects, a poor Black girl-child

Roe vs. Wade/4th of July

The 4th of July represents freedom for all. It is a declaration from the tyranny and strong-hold of oppression

Road to Reality TV

Einstein is known for having said that if you try to teach a fish to climb a try, the

Just Say Yes…

“Just say yes.” There was love, gentleness and a quiet plea in his eyes. Happy, my Service Dog, had

Buffalo Massacre

I keep hearing gunshots in my dreams. Smelling burning flesh of ancestors tarred and feathered. Seeing black bodies swing from contorted

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the people who are mothering other people’s babies! To the singles Dad’s who are