BE THE Only!

Evolving. In reverse.

There is a beauty in silence. A peace in internal solitude.A quiet reckoning with life. I’m thinking about disappearing. Shutting

Am I Going Crazy?

Am I going crazy?Have I given up on life?Am I lazy, triflin’, or stupid? (Pause. Deep breath. Still introspection.)

He Would Die For Me?

I was reared in violence.I was an unprotected child is the gentlest way I can say this.Because adults abused

Surrendering To God

“… I am weak, but He is strong.” I learned this song in vacation Bible School when I was

Surviving the Season

Two years ago, today, my brother Tory died from COVID. Surprise is an understatement. Here is a short video

But God

If I tell the truth, the REAL truth… I feel like I am drowning in the bigness God has for

Will You Help Me?

I’m listening deeply to God and have chosen to focus my new business model on experienced but EXHAUSTED Black

The Art of Aging

I’m starting to like my grays and honor my body as it is.  My gray hair is evidence of earned