BE THE Only!

I Cry For You

“COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!”“Is this your car?“You fit the description.”“Resisting Arrest.”“PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE

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Loot & Burn

You wanna know why I loot?Smash windows with bricks & sticks?Firebomb buildings? What you see when a building is ablaze

Two Mothers

I’m not big on holidays. I mostly miss them because I don’t have reminders set in my calendar. I don’t

Feeling Defeated

My computer died.Well it won’t go beyond the opening Apple page. #sigh All Apple/electronic stores are closed so there’s nothing

My Dreams Are Valid Too.

Ever since we’ve been quarantining I’ve been adamant about having my tribe focus on the future instead of fear. That’s


Truth Out Loud?

Your truth is valid. And the world needs to hear it as much as you need to live it.

There is an ARMY of “Truth-Tellers” just like you who crave a safe and inclusive space to be our ‘real-n-raw’ authentic selves.

So join us. We roll in packs. & We don’t back down.

We got you.