BE THE Only!

I quit

Today is a gentle day. Happy, my Service Animal, is curled up beside me napping. My private clients are

Simply The Best R.I.P.

Tina Turner’s life is a lesson in accomplishment. As far as I’m concerned, Tina Turner was, is, and will


I LOVE MY HAIR!!! I feel… PRETTY! GIRLY! CURLY! I’m IN LOVE with the dimensions of color in my

Evolving. In reverse.

There is a beauty in silence. A peace in internal solitude.A quiet reckoning with life. I’m thinking about disappearing. Shutting

Am I Going Crazy?

Am I going crazy?Have I given up on life?Am I lazy, triflin’, or stupid? (Pause. Deep breath. Still introspection.)

He Would Die For Me?

I was reared in violence.I was an unprotected child is the gentlest way I can say this.Because adults abused

Surrendering To God

“… I am weak, but He is strong.” I learned this song in vacation Bible School when I was

Surviving the Season

Two years ago, today, my brother Tory died from COVID. Surprise is an understatement. Here is a short video

But God

If I tell the truth, the REAL truth… I feel like I am drowning in the bigness God has for