BE THE Only!

Are you worshiping your wounds?

As I ground more and more in God, I realize “healing” and “being whole” are two different energetics. The main difference is this:

—Healing is ongoing.
—Wholeness is complete unto itself.

Or said another way:

Healing is engaging with your wounds. Wholeness disappears them.

When I look back on the miracle that my life is, there are things I spent appropriate and needed time on healing; violence acted out on my body in the name of love.

Have you ever had person say they love you while the treat you like shit?
Or beat you?
Or turn your body into a wasteland for their illusion of power?

From my birth mother’s maliciousness, to street violence in the name of loyalty, to lovers who hurt me in the name of love, I have been in recovery my entire life.

Healing became a life style.

As I have moved into being whole, I see now that healing REQUIRES living in the past. It requires a reliving of sorts of the wound in order to heal it. I can see now, from the perspective of being whole, that healing is distinct from healed.

Healed is a state change.

When a flesh wound is healed, it no longer bleeds. As long as it is “healing” it REQUIRES tending to, attention, care, and nurturance.

And rightfully so.

Healing makes the wound the focus.
Being whole disappears the wound completely.

Being whole is relating to our wounds as the blessing not a curse.

Momma putting me out on the streets wounded me. It did. From the perspective of healing, I’m always in a space of potentially being “put out” by others who say they love me because that wound is still “healing.”

When I ground in God, I can see that Momma putting me out is not the real point of power. The real point of power is God blessing me with the courage to NOT go back!

By grounding in God, all the suffering and pain I felt towards Momma, is gone. Just like Judas HAD to betray Jesus in order to fulfill his destiny, each and every wound that I have been healing was required for me to fulfill mine.

I invite you to take one hurtful incident from your life that still hurts you in some way. Take a moment to:

◦ Write down the incident were you were wounded.
◦ Feel your feelings.
◦ Shift your focus from the wound to what God provided in that moment that had you be alive today.
◦ Write down what blessings came from God’s grace in the fire of your life.
◦ Feel the freedom.
◦ Give thanks.

I am realizing being whole is a conscious choice to focus on God’s bigness instead of worshiping my wounds.

It’s a gift I have given myself.

I invite you to give it a try.

I love you.


Dr. Venus

Ps. If you want to know if you are on the path of BECOMING whole, check out this super short video!

You may be closer than you think!


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