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Allowing Black Men To Empower My Power

Getting fit for 50!!!!
I’m launching my tech start-up on my 50th birthday so I’m putting in the work now!

Pray for me!

September 23, 2021 will be my 50th birthday. I’m choosing to mark the moment by launching my tech startup on my birthday.
In preparation for this half-century milestone, I’m preparing myself emotionally, mentally, and yes physically.

The more I speak my truth on behalf of empowering Black Women to empower ourselves emotionally and economically, the more attacked, resistant, and even banned I am.

It takes a level of mental toughness to let the haters hate while standing in one’s power and not take any of it personally.

That’s where working out comes in.

My trainer pushes me. He insists I am capable of more than I think I am. He is a brilliant and compassionate Black Man who empowers my power by driving me to go further than I think I can.

Sis, you cannot fulfill your destiny if you don’t let others empower you and in some cases activate your power.

As I birth this startup on my birthday, I give thanks to all the Black men who empower my power, my voice and my commitment to Black Women.

I often want to quit. But my brothers won’t let me.

They send me words of edification, defend me against social media trolls and back me up with information that empower us as a people.
Some brothers question why I only focus on Black Women healing and success.

Other brothers ask how can they help.

Even the Black Men who don’t agree with me STILL empower my commitment to us healing and thriving on our own terms.

I have had to heal my father wound to hear the love of Black Men.

I am not talking about wounded Black Men who are hurt us. I’m talking about brothers who are willing to heal with us.

My trainer pushes me, annoys me, teases me, and ultimately helps me see I’m stronger than I think.

That’s his way of saying, “I love you, sis. I believe in you. I got you.”

And it’s because of his kind conviction I exceed my own limiting beliefs about what I can do.

My men reveal my strength to me.

They make me brave.

So when I want to cry because my body is CONVINCED I cannot do another set, and my trainer reminds me that my tribe is watching, I remember I’m not getting strong for me.

I’m getting stronger for us.
The world is changing.
We are on the rise, sis.
Our voices matter.

We are our ancestors wildest dreams come true.

So as I birth this digital platform on my 50th birthday, please know, in the background, there is an ARMY of Black Men–from my trainer to my app architect to my marketing genius–that are empowering my power…

… in service of you, sis.
Simply put: I can’t do this without Black Men. And I wouldn’t want to.
We heal together.
We build together.
We create a world that works for everyone together.

And I am grateful.

By: Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Date: 7/8/21


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