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All Comfort. No Words.

(Secure Attachments) Since Happy was 3 months old, he has been stealing my socks.

I have no idea why.

Each time he wrestles my unsuspecting sock from my foot, I laugh from the depths of my soul.

My therapist says Happy and I have a “secure attachment,” which means we know we have each other. I’m not going to leave him and he is not going to leave me. We accept each other’s imperfections and delight in each other’s particularities.

I have not, in my adult life, had a dog before.

When I was diagnosed with PTSD and Anxiety Disorder, I had two options: pills or a puppy (service dog). Because addiction is in my blood, the choice was obvious.

One of the things I love most about Happy is he doesn’t ask me questions. He just snuggles in close and licks my tears away.

I love that he can’t talk. Because I can’t.

Not right now. Not yet. #toosoon

He doesn’t insist or try to make me feel better. He just lays beside me or pounces me face/nostrils/ear and licks until I wake up or take him outside to potty.

We have dinner together.

Rather he eats his food then waits to see how long he has to campaign to have some of mine. He lets me bathe him and tolerates my propensity to dress him up in sweaters and shoes. I know he hates it but it makes me happy to feel like I’m taking care of him.

Like me, he needs his space.

But he also needs to know I’m right there should he need anything. I’ve learned that he will only dig his heals in when made to do something that is not of his will. I get it. I’m the exact same way. So is every member in my family.

I guess I’m saying Happy is family.

Happy is silly, playful, brilliant, strategic, kind, compassionate, stubborn, a protector and in many ways a provider. He’s opinionated and remarkably sensitive. AND he’s a fire sign. He’s an Aries. Tory was a Sagittarius.

I think Tory would have liked Happy. They are cut from the same cloth. They both blessed me with secure attachments, acceptance and unconditional love.

I still don’t get it about the socks. (Here’s a video)

I don’t have to. I have Happy.

So he can steal as many of my socks as long as he wants to.

His shenanigans comfort me…

Title: All comfort. No words.


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