BE THE Only!

But God

If I tell the truth, the REAL truth…
I feel like I am drowning in the bigness God has for my life. 
I believe God kept me alive for a purpose bigger than me.
And right now, I feel like I am SOOOOOOOOO ill-equipped for the Call.
I’m starting to deal with the notion that the Enemy attacks on ALL sides right when one is on the precipice of fulfilling that which one’s life is for.
I listened to an online pastor who said the Enemy has more faith in me than I do. 🤯
That broke my brain. But I get it now.
I know I can make a tangible difference in the emotional and economic freedom of Black Women, world-wide, by teaching us how to monetize our knowledge instead of our time, skill, or labor.
Due to my expertise (and my well-being), I am choosing to focus my business brain on successful, established, experienced but truly exhausted Black Women entrepreneurs.
It used to take me three years to position Black Women Entrepreneurs to break their first million. Now, I can get established sister entrepreneurs to the million-dollar make in one year or less.
When a Black Woman heals, she heals a nation.
When a Black Woman has her own money, she liberates the world.
Generational wealth is not a function of money; it’s a function of trust.
Trusting yourself.
Trusting others who are trustworthy.
Trusting God.
Trusting the process.
You have to heal to trust.
ALL levels of trust require integrity in order to be valid.
All levels of integrity have to be verified in order to be trustworthy.
My ability to receive all the abundance, affluence, and love that is my divine birthright is dependent upon this one question: do I trust myself? Can I count on me to finish what God speared my life for—even when it’s hard and even heart-breaking?
If I tell the truth, I feel like God has been trying to kill me.
In preparation to manifest this new enterprise, I have had to and continue to die my dependencies on others, hope for help, ease, as well as certainty.
Said another way: God is growing me up.
Breakdown, after disappointment, after problem, after thwarted intention, after breakdown feels like death.
I’m discerning it’s refinement.
Fires purify.
And on the other side of the fire, is pure gold.
“Thou he slay me, yet will I trust him.”
When I ground in God, I move from healing to being whole.
In that wholeness, I find rest in the sweet arms of trust.
This new enterprise, offer, brand—EVERYTHING—is born in trusting God with all of me.
If I am being honest, I don’t know how it will be received.
I trust God.
I trust myself to implement until I manifest destiny.
I trust the process that is revealing itself as I walk in faith and not by sight.
Regardless of how it looks or feels…
…I know God would never given me a dream that’s wasn’t already manifested in the mind of God.
I count it good.
And I am grateful…

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