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I’m listening deeply to God and have chosen to focus my new business model on experienced but EXHAUSTED Black Women Entrepreneurs.

In truth, I struggled with this.

I always feel some kind of way when I DON’T include everybody or feel like I’m leaving someone out. Be it early-stage entrepreneurs, or Black Men, or White Women, or ANYBODY—I have felt guilty.

I took it to God and surrendered my arrogance.

No one person can be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY.

God guides me. I see that in order to truly make a difference with my life, I must focus on the most effective leverage point I am qualified to help.

For me, that’s Black Women entrepreneurs who have been trying to break the million-dollar mark, but for various reasons have not. These sisters are AMAZING but are working WAY TOO hard! But they only know hard work, so the can’t scale.

It use to take me three years to get a Black Woman Entrepreneur to the million-dollar mark.

Now it takes less than one.

I’m designing a no-cost Mini-Course:

One Million Online: In One Year (or less)

For Experienced But EXHAUSTED Black Women Entrepreneurs Ready to (FINALLY!) Break The Million Dollar Mark WITHOUT Live Events, Launches, or ANY Social Media.

I am going to record the training next Sat Nov 12, 2022, 1-4pmPST via zoom.

Will you help me make this the BEST it can be by attending, feeding me positive energy, and offering loving and constructive feedback? It suck’s making videos in a vacuum. At least it does for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

To get accurate feedback I need women who are my target market for this offer.

If you are a purpose-driven Black Women Entrepreneur who has been in business for at least three years, has a successful multiple six-figure business and are truly ready to do what it takes to hit the seven-mark in one year or less please:

◦ email me with “Millionaire-In-The-Making” in the subject line
◦ your number
◦ your url if you have one.
◦ Confirm you can attend the entire time

I will reach out to you directly with the details.

I thank you in advance for your help with this. Your energy, support, and feedback will empower me to empower us as a people.

I love you sis.

Thank you.


Dr. Venus


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