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I NEVER Saw This Coming…

I NEVER saw this coming…

I feel like God is bringing me back to life.

After my divorce…
After my emergency hysterectomy…
After imploding my business…

I became tired.

After Covid hit…
After quarantine…
After George Floyd…

I became emotionally exhausted and spiritually fatigued.

NOTHING seemed to matter anymore.
NOTHING I did felt big enough to make the world right again.
NOTHING I could do or say would make any difference in a world gone mad.

So like all of us, I survived the moment.

I folded in.
I protested.
I educated.

I fought for social change and turned all of my platforms over to it in service of justice.

It’s been a few years now and I feel Spirit saying it’s time to reemerge.

So this past week I spoke at Aprille Franks’ #EPICWOMAN Conference in Mexico.

Talk about sisterhood????
Talk about real & raw?
Talk about business tactics you can implement NOW????

Check it out here:

It was transformational.

I am God’s hands and feet.
I came to service.

But something happened I NEVER saw coming…

I didn’t anticipate how significant it would be for ME to pour into Sister entrepreneurs. I realize something I had forgotten in the midst of surviving life.

I missed Black Women entrepreneurs.

I missed the community.
I missed the support.
I missed being seen.

But what I missed most was empowering them to monetize that which they thought was the worse part of their lives.

I believe in beauty for ashes.
I believe the pain has purpose.
I believe those of us who have been heart broken by life, WE are the chosen ones.

We are the ones who move the human race forward.

I feel God gearing me up and setting me up to tilt this world on its axis.

And I have all my sisters with me.

More to come…


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