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Which One? Help me Decide! (OMG!!!)

I will be on THREE major highways with all roads leading to the California Women’s Festival where I will be the Keynote Speaker and doing my world famous “Mess to MILLIONS! Workshop!

Here’s the link for deets and seats:

Question: Which one should I pick?

1. White background? Why?

2. Blue and brown background? Why?

10k post cards have been sent FEATURING my workshop!

Now I have to pick a billboard graphic?

WHO GETS TO BE ON A BILLBOARD????🤯 #wonthedoit

I can feel Spirit moving me from survival-driven success to spirit-led affluence.

To me that’s the difference between being a self-made millionaire and a God-made one.

That’s exactly what I want for you.

It starts here.

It starts now.

So, tell me: which billboard:

1. white with sky?

2. blue and brown?

Let me know why.


My God is so faithful.🧡🙏🏾🧡

And I am thankful.

I love you,

Dr. Venus

Ps: I will be sharing more info over the next few weeks about this amazing festival!!! Buy in the mean time, Go here for deets & seats!

PPs: Be sure to let me know which billboard graphic to choose: the white background or the blue & brown background and why? THANK YOU!!!

Guess what I did & am doing? (Yay!)


Happy loves it!🧡🐶🧡

It’s growing!
It’s sooooo soft!

I can feel my girlie girl side about to giggle!🤣🤣🤣

I’m getting ready for my keynote in Cali and prep starts NOW!!!

My colorist, Hudaa Hadiyah, creator and owner of Salon 122 by The Nerdy Colorist, darkened my roots for the stage and photos. The ginger base would have blended in too much with my face onstage and under the piercing glare of the lights.

It’s a multicultural event with a diverse lineup of speakers, artists, and vendors.  Stage Lighting on my skin can be challenging for tech people sometimes.  So we decided to minimize the chance of my videos and photos looking like a was a pumpkin by adding diminution to my shot.

I love my hair and am excited for this opportunity! Over 10,000 postcards went out last week and I’m featured!

My face will be on billboards on three different highways.

My workshop is getting as much love as my keynote in terms of marketing as is my eWomen network event spotlight.

I was given a booth but became overwhelmed. I’m not bringing a team with me and didn’t have anyone who would man it, so I declined.

I’m a bit amazed and excited to speak at such a big and impactful event. It’s my first time headlining on someone else’s platform.

I feel like God is answering my prayers about reaching the world. I sure didn’t see this coming AND I’m glad to have been chosen to keynote.

Here is the link for the details:

I’m also doing my “Mess to Millions” Workshop!  This training is pure fire!🔥🔥🔥

I hope you can make it.🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

My God is SO faithful.


Thank you for witnessing, supporting, and walking with me.

I love you,

Dr. Venus

#1 Millionaire Requirement. Do You Have It?

I love being a Black Woman.

I absolutely relish being a Black Woman Entrepreneur who chooses to pour her genius into (primarily) purpose-driven, spirit-led Black Women entrepreneurs, experts, CEOs, and coaches.

These powerhouses are women who have walked through life’s fire, and no longer smell like smoke.

Each woman is whole and HUNGRY to turn that fire into the fuel that skyrockets them to their divine seven-figure destiny.

Simply put: I love making Black Women Entrepreneurs, millionaires.

In order to be effective at the mandate from my Creator to serve the clients that were ordained for me even before I was born, I have had to get crystal clear on what I need in order to do God’s work through my private clients.

I don’t relate to my business as a business. I relate to my business as my Calling.

I had to clarify within my spirit, EXACTLY what I require of my private clients.


So I can empower their personal power.

Activating, trusting, and embracing your personal power gives you access to THE most important element for monetizing your truth: internal permission to prosper.

Due to the impact and residue of being born in the pejorative and punitive context entitled “Black Woman” for hundreds of years, we, collectively, traffic in a perpetual state of low-key survival.

It’s subtle.
But it’s there.
Policing is internal; what we can’t have or should ask for.

Especially when it comes to money.

Even when a Black Woman is affluent, fit, and accomplished, Impostor Syndrome hovers.

Without the internal permission to prosper, no amount of marketing, sales training, or personal branding will move a private client of mine from a six-figure earner to a seven-figure one.

So I have to have standards, processes, and requirements to discern if a potential private client’s SURVIVAL will allow them to become a sustainable and scalable millionaire.

People underestimate the impact that being sold has on a Black Woman’s ability to accept payment. (But that’s another topic for another time.)

I say all that to say I screen my clients.

  1. I don’t accept payment from potential clients if they do not inspire me.

I can’t do my best work with a person I don’t believe or believe in.

So my vetting process is designed to turn down more potential clients than I actually take on. My entire vetting process is designed to discourage people from working with me.

  1. I can’t get you to your first million or your next millions with ease, if you are not convicted in your bones you are the answer to millions of people’s prayers.

Said another way: you have something to say that will help somebody else.

If a potential client is seduced by the ideal of being a millionaire, they are not equipped to do my work. The money is a natural fallout of fulfilling a real need in the marketplace.

  1. My private client vetting process (which is distinct from my group programs that’s designed for mass consumption) can take anywhere from three months to a year plus.

That’s intentional.

I need to study you.
To see if you are the truth.
I have to learn your survival.

  1. A person’s survival strategy will sabotage seven-figure success right on the precipice of glory.

So in order for me to cherry pick the private clients who are teachable, whole, and can make their mark, their difference and easily and quickly scale to millionaire status, I need to screen my potential clients.

And I do.

  1. The ones who are chosen, have my heart, my genius, and my loyalty for life.

I make strategic introduction for them. You would be surprised by how many mentors, trainers, or coaches don’t.

I share proven resources with them, so they have what they need to soar without going through the hell of finding folk who deliver.

I customize their offer, marketing messaging and strategy, as well as craft their service delivery in alignment with their Spirit-Led purpose AND a real need in the marketplace.

  1. I love them just as they are and just as they are not. As far as I am concerned my clients are God wrapped in flesh; whole, complete, perfect, and divine.

I feel like my clients are the Daughter’s of the Most High.

I have been entrusted with that which is sacred.

And what can be more holy than a Black Woman using her lived anointing to transform the world?

Absolutely nothing.
No. Thing.

To say that my work is as much spiritual as it is profitable is an understatement.

Money is spiritual.

Purpose is spiritual.
A Calling is spiritual
Anointing is spiritual.

When a Black Woman finally has surrendered to and embraced the blessing from the historical trauma inherited— and in many cases, lived—her power is unleashed.

She becomes God in her Universe.

It is THAT surrender and embrace of the blessing that purifies the pain forged in Life’s fire.

Here is an example.

One of my private clients, Donna, is a remarkable woman. In her lifetime she has worked in finance, held public office, and created curriculum to transform work culture within healthcare.

This Sister is BADDDD!

She is brilliant, beautiful, and kind.

Donna’s millionaire future is hers for the taking.

It’s her choice.

She has the goods.

AND she—like me and so many other powerful Black Women—have to CHOOSE to love ourselves with the same unbreakable commitment, fervor, and grace with which we love our kids.
Our parents.
Our partners.

Becoming a Black Woman Millionaire is not a function of efficacy, education, funding, or access. Those factors have weight but are not the determining factor.


The determining factor is this: internal permission.

Internal permission is a product of one’s self-image.
Inner identity.
One’s sense of self.

Your sense of self determines what you will allow yourself to have.

Your sense of self will only see what your survival is comfortable with, good and bad.

Your sense of self whispers in your ear about what you deserve and what you don’t have a right to have.

It is only when you have freed yourself enough from the tethers of what we, as Black Women have inherited and contend with daily are you able to access the God within.

It is in THAT space, that permission is granted.

Donna traffics in that space.
She’s teachable and accountable.
She implements like lives depend on her.

She inspires me.

So I make it my business that she wins. She, and all of my clients are my destiny.
They are the reason I survived.

I thank God I’m a Black Woman.

Loving, supporting, and empowering purpose-driven and spirit-led Black Women Entrepreneurs to the million-dollar mark is not about money.

It’s about freedom.
Not just for some but all.
I will not be the only millionaire who can fund our dreams.

I’m bringing my sisters with me.

Until we can fund our own institutions—I’m talking communal not individual—we live at the effect of the past.

Someone who has proven—throughout generations—that she is in it for the long haul and for future generations…

Someone who is the fastest growing segment in entrepreneurship in North America…

Somebody had to write the check.
Someone who is healed and whole.
Someone who is committed to Us.

That “someone” is a Black Woman Millionaire.

The Dalai Lama is known for having said it will be the Western Woman who saves the world.


I believe it will be the healed and whole Black Woman who transforms it.

Sis, that woman is you.

I love you,

Dr. Venus

Ps: Is it time for you to give yourself the internal permission to become a Black Woman Millionaire?

If your heart is screaming, YES!!!!—then email me directly at

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Who’d you trust: God or You w/ Money?

We trust God with our immortal souls—but we don’t trust God with our money.

Take a look for yourself.

If you’re anything like me, you strive and strategize about paying bills, feeding your family, and paying the rent/mortgage monthly.

And if you are an entrepreneur you are consumed with covering payroll, paying for marketing, and almost always hustling to acquire new clients.

You get it done—you always have.

But here’s the point: YOU did it. You leaned on YOUR OWN understanding and didn’t trust God to provide. Here’s how you know you didn’t trust God.

You worried.

Not only did you worry, but you also second-guessed yourself. You fell back on old strategies that used to work—pre-pandemic—only to struggle and fail.

I’m not saying you didn’t pray.
You did.
So did I.

I am saying that if you tell the truth about your surrender and trust in God with your soul versus with your provision, you will see a glaring difference.

I did.

As a businesswoman, I panicked when the pandemic came, moved in, and made home. My main revenue generators were touring and live events. Because we could not gather in public, the most lucrative streams of income for my business came to a screeching halt.

Like so many others, I had to come up with other ways to take care of my team (mostly single moms) and my family. I didn’t know what to do so I looked around to see what “the world” was doing.

And even though it went against my personal values of self-sufficiency, I followed suit.

—Federal grants.
—PCP emergency funding.
—SBA Disaster Relief Loans.

We applied for it all.

I was afraid.

I felt scared that I would have to let my team go and I felt responsible for their livelihood. Looking back, I can see I was in survival mode.

Each team member was a capable human being, and would have figured out something without me. But the truth is I have been providing for those who I call my own since I was 14.  I was triggered.

The Pandemic felt like the streets.

Where I come from, we have a rule: If I eat, we all eat. Regardless of what it costs me.
I leaned into my survival strategy of being strong and taking care of “mine” instead of leaning into trusting God to provide.

As I reflect on all of my successes, I can see the thread. All of my success has been survival driven.

Survival-driven success is exhausting and unsustainable.

I have watched myself and my peers in all industries “make it” at the cost of our well-being, relationships, and scalability.

One day I was talking to God about money and God said, “You don’t trust me.”

I was shocked.

God had my birth father stop my birth mother from aborting me when I was in her womb, unwanted.

God had kept me alive, amid the roaches, rats, and drugs on the streets of Baltimore.

God pulled me out of the culture of poverty, pimps, and strippers and put me in school to keep me safe. And give me a way out.

“God, how could you say that to me? I have trusted you with my LIFE!!”

“You have Bae. You have. And I love you for it.
But you have not trusted me to keep you alive.”

My heart stopped.
My tears started to flow.

God was right.

I have not trusted God to keep me alive.

If I tell the truth, I have felt guilty that he did.
I didn’t think I deserved to live, let alone thrive.

I wasn’t supposed to make it.
My oldest sister was.
Not me.

I was the Black Sheep.
The ugly one.
The dumb one.

The one who should have never been born.

I was taught this.
I was reared in this truth.
And I believed it.

God is healing the places in me that still do.

So, when I finished crying, I realized that my trust of God was conditional.

So I went to work.

I let go of everything I had acquired by way of survival.
I traded in all of my identities for one:  my oneness with God.
And I moved from “survival-driven success” to “spirit-led affluence.

I no longer hustle, grind, or make ANYTHING happen.

I’m committed to moving from being a “self-made” millionaire to becoming a “God-made” millionaire. It’s two different worlds!

The way I trust God with my money NOW is through these Five simple steps:

Step 1. I sit.
Step 2. I pray.
Step 3. I wait.
Step 4. I surrender.
Step 5. I allow.

When I see myself backsliding into survival, I pray.

The prayer changes depending on how I’m falling back into old behaviors, but it works every time to get my eyes back on God.

I pray, “I love you Lord and I trust you with all of me.

Your plans for me are so much more fulfilling and life-giving than anything I could ever do or imagine.

Have your way, Lord.
Order my steps.
You are my protector.
My provider.

You are my God.

I thank you in advance for all the good you are now and will continue to pour in me, over me, and through me as an act of love, so I am a blessing to humanity. In Jesus’ name, amen. So be it. And so it is.”

The difference between being “survival-driven” versus being “spirit-led” is palpable. The key is trusting God instead of trusting what worked in the past.

In that trust—
In that surrender—
In that allowing—
I am THRILLED to share with you that I will be the KEYNOTE speaker at the California Women’s Conference!!

Here is the link for all the details:

Cal Expo seats between 1000-10,000!!

My face will be on BILLBOARDS in Sacramento!!!

I’m doing a PAID keynote, a workshop where I will make an offer, AND providing brief training at the networking event on how to network like a mogul!!!

Be clear: I did NOTHING to earn this!

A producer reached out via Facebook messenger to ask my permission to use one of my photos for the festival. It was an odd request, so I inquired why.

From there, we had conversations that required a meeting with the Executive Producer. It was like talking to a different version of myself and my commitment to the emotional healing and financial freedom of women worldwide!

More opportunities are pouring in without any help from me!

My prayer for you is this: trust God with your money. You will be ASTOUNDED with the guidance, grace, and affluence that COMES TO YOU!

I love you,

Dr. Venus

Ps. I’ll keep you post on the Festival! I hope you can  make! I would love to see you in person and give you a big hug!

…or die trying

Something has changed within me.

I don’t know why.

Perhaps it’s because I’m 51.
Maybe it’s because of the Pandemic.
It could be the cellular trauma from the arrogant gaze of the police officer, as he executed George Floyd in front of the world.

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s choosing to divorce instead of acting out my PTSD on the person I loved.
Perhaps it’s menopause.
It could be hormonal imbalance across the board.

Perhaps it’s because I went back home.

Maybe it’s seeing some of my bloodline still dealing with the poverty and powerlessness I fled from.

It could be driving through East Baltimore and running over the same potholes, 30 years later, and boarded-up abandoned buildings across the street from lush condominiums.

It may be the state of the world.

Laws being passed to:
—lynch us
—murder our right to choose within our own wombs
—remove affirmative action and keeping “Legacy” admissions for colleges like Harvard.

Or maybe it’s just the despair
that hangs in the air,
like polluted oxygen
we have to inhale to stay alive.

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s the news.
—Police kill anybody they want with impunity.
—The systematic and intentional erasure of the Trans Community.
—The stealing and sex trafficking of young boys and girls, right in your city.

I truly don’t know.

But something in me has changed.

Something in me has died.
The illusion of equality.
The belief in the American Dream.


Or perchance… something has awakened…

…something terrifying.
…something honest.
…something true.

The horrible truth is this: I am powerless to effect change.

(Hear me out.)

I know together, we can transform the world.
That’s my point.
We can never seem to “come together” to do what we all can see needs to be done.

Case and point: Black people have a spending power in the trillions and yet we don’t OWN our own schools, hospitals, grocery stores, banks, or cemeteries.

I’m not talking about private ownership. I’m talking communal. Public institutions governed by our own elected officials.

These five institutions are required to sustain a community, independently. Said another way,: we don’t own the infrastructure to be self-reliant.

I don’t mean charter schools or private schools.
I don’t mean clinics or urgent care facilities.
I don’t mean franchising.
I don’t mean leasing or financing.

As far as I am concerned, those are “work arounds;” individual solutions for a systemic problem.


Without owning our own institutions, we will never be free.

The person who pays establishes the rules.
The person who owns, has the power.
The person who teaches the oppressed how to monetize, becomes the hand of God.

I am God’s hands and feet.

So, I’m going back.
I’m going back to business.
I need to teach us how to monetize differently than we have inherited.

I know all of us will not be open to doing things differently. But I only need 17% of us to tip the scales from being a slave to being an owner.

I’m looking at how to get my monetizing curriculums in churches, half-way houses, community centers, women’s shelters—EVERYWHERE we populate—to teach us, those of us who are willing to learn, how to live financially free.

And yes, it starts with healing.
And yes, it will take the rest of my life.
And yes, it means I have to start all over.

I’m good with all of that.
I have a set of competencies that can help in ways I wasn’t considering before.

I’m thinking bigger.
Dreaming in terms of “we” instead of “me.”
Creating strategic partnerships with like-hearted allies who amplify my voice on their platforms.

I’m repositioning myself in the world.
As a speaker.
As a Thought Leader.
As a teacher.

I can’t change the problems, the hate, or the ugly that rains down on our spirits like lead.

What I CAN do is build bridges instead of walls.  I can use my training to educate the masses.

I can impact the people I touch and let God handle the things beyond my control.

Perhaps, that’s enough.

And if it’s not…

…I will die tryin’.