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In The Wake of Ahmaud…

In the wake of Ahmaud Arbery’s hard-fought justice, check out this article about how Black Men & Boys are positioned as threats that “deserve” to be treated like animals. The justification TODAY is the same as the justification used as far back as 1863.

So when somebody says “ get over it! You were not a slave.” The past is done!” “I didn’t do it” “Africans sold you into slavery,” “focus on the high deaths rates in Chicago” or “stop playing the victim.”

Just listen.
Don’t engage with stupidity.
It’s beneath you.

Instead of arguing with ignorant, ugly, life-sucking extremists, remember…


Remember the nameless and faceless ancestors who died so we can live free.

Let that memory ignite a fire in your belly that fuels our freedom. Then take these other four actions:

READ. Don’t listen to the news. It’s just propaganda to justify killing us. Read articles from trust sources that are NOT part of popular media.

LEARN: Every athlete, inventor, and chess master learns their opponent. You cannot excel if you do not know what you are up against. Don’t get mad. Learn. Winning is strategy not force. That’s how our ancestors outwitted ugly.

STRATEGIZE:  The Sit-Ins, March on Washington, Million Man March, Black Wall Street, Great Migration, Georgia turning Blue—all were planned. Hell, Richard Williams had a 78 page plan for Venus & Serena before they were born. What is YOUR plan for emotional and economic freedom of YOUR bloodline? Write. It. Down.

SHARE: When you learn something new that feeds you power, share the knowledge with the people you love. Society is set up to ALWAYS dehumanize us, especially our men and boys. We can’t trust them to tell the truth. So stop eating the garbage they feed the world as the truth of us.

I love you, sis.
I love you, bro.
I love you, Fam.
I love you alleys.

Be encouraged.

We are closer to winning than you think.😉

Dr. Venus

Ps: Enjoy this article. It’s a great place to start…😊

Guess What?

(ITS IMPORTANT TO READ TO THE END. Please do so. Thank you.)


Just… wow.

Do you ever feel like Spirit is doing things that involve you but are not about you?

That’s how I feel right now.

I was inspired to do a fundraiser for Black Men that put their humanity center stage instead of their pain. I wanted the Black Men who love us—the ones who put in the imperfect work to heal and do better—to feel seen, heard and validated for their lived experience as Black Men.

As a Black Woman who has been in recovery all my life from trauma, I know how healing it is for another to bear witness.

I also know that healing takes health care professionals. I love God and I’m a chick who prays without ceasing.

I realized prayer, mediation and affirmations are awesome. AND they work in conjunction with therapy.

So I created a fundraiser, and chose an organization, Black Men Heal, as the beneficiary. They focus exclusively on Black Men and handle the top three barriers that keep Black Men from getting the emotional support they need to thrive:

  • COST- they provide 8 free sessions to Black Men
  • FIT- the have a proven system to pair each Black Man with a thearpist who is a match for his needs
  • STIGMA- they have Men share the truth about the value they received from doing therapy, thereby normalizing it.

So we did the virtual summit and it was healing and transformational for ALL- men AND women.

Marriages were saved, some men told the truth about their sexual trauma, and we as Black Women learned things about Black men that helped US heal in regards to them.

It was profound.

My intention was to raise $25k for Black Men Heal. Our donation is in service of hiring more Black male therapists in cities throughout America so Black Men have a resource that’s tailored to THEIR needs.

We raised $18,714 and I thank God for this accomplishment.

But have you ever felt like you failed because you didn’t hit your mark?

That’s how I felt. I realize that Spirit had planted the seed of $25k in my spirit and I had missed the mark. In truth, I had given up and was going to settle for what we had accomplished. It was my first fundraiser and we did an amazing job.

Yes I made TONS of mistake, but I am proud of me for doing what I feel Spirit asked of me. So I resigned myself to being thankful for what we had accomplished.

You are NOT going to believe what happened!

Guess what?

The day after our summit finished, I was emailing Black Men Heal. It turns out, ANOTHER organization is MATCHING donations for Black Men Heal!!!

If we donate at least $3500, that will double and WE WILL EXCEED $25k for Black Men Heal!!! PLUS we will help the other organization hit their mark as well!!! ALL in service of Black Men and Men of color!

Walk with me. And imagine…

…Imagine the amount of Black murders in Chicago, Detroit, & DC PLUMMETING because Black Men Heal is available there for our sons, brothers, uncles, nephews,  cousins, husbands, boyfriends, and friends.

…Imagine domestic abuse within Black communities DISAPPEARING because Black Men received the mental health care they deserve instead of acting out their trauma on us and our children.

…Imagine Black families building Black wealth, TOGETHER such that Black Men were no longer at the mercy of systems of oppression for employment, but like Black Women, became the fastest growing segment in America for entrepreneurship.

When we heal, we thrive…together.

Here is my request:

  • If you donate $100 dollars or more, I will gift you my most proven self-paced program, “Money Mogul Formula” to become your own ATM for the rest of your life. It’s a $3500 value, and it’s yours with your donation


  • If your donation is $500 or more, you receive “Money Mogul” AND  a group VIP 1/2 Day “Healing Money Wounds” Virtual Workshop, were you transform your RELATIONSHIP to money so you can prosper with ease. It’s a $10k value, and it’s yours with, this donation


  • If your donation is $1k or more you receive both of the previous gifts PLUS a group VIP DAY where I will work with you directly to discover your “Million Dollar Moneymaker” so you can attract high-ticket clients who EASILY & HAPPILY afford you rates! It’s an $18,500 value, and it’s yours with your donation.


Here are the steps to donate:

Once we verify your donation we will start you off RIGHT away with access to Money Mogul Formula!

Whew! That was a mouthful! 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you for honoring my request to read to the end. 😊

It this opportunity feels right to you please donate now.

Here’s the link again:

I donated in honor of my brother Tory. It made the donation/tithe/gift real for me. It turned the donation into a love offering. I encourage you to do the same.

I love you,

Dr. Venus

P.S: Turn your donation into a love offering by giving in honor of a Black Man you love. It was very healing for me. Perhaps it will be the same for you. Donate now: