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Who sits with you sis…

Hey Sis,

“May I sit with you?”
It’s such a tender question.
As Black Women, we have known so little tenderness.
The benefit of the doubt.

Who sits with you sis, when you get tired?

Who has your back when the world turns it’s back on you?

Who gets on YOUR side and read OTHER Black People for FILTH for judging you?

Who talks back to the law when they try to violate your rights as an American?

Who ASKS YOUR PERMISSION to sit with you, in the middle of the street, putting her Black Body on the line so you are not alone?

And who speaks for you, fights for YOU when your words are gone?

More often than not, it’s another Black Woman.

I read a post from a peer of mine, an extraordinary White woman who loves me, that I respect deeply. She wrote a beautiful post about protecting herself in the woods from men who could overpower her with pepper spray.

This made me think about you, Sis.

Who protects you, protects us, as Black Women?

More often than not, it’s another Black Woman who understands what it feels like to live an unsafe and unprotected life.

Check out this video. Please watch it to the end.

The Black Woman who asks, “May I sit with you?”–that woman is me.

She is who I want to be for you.

That’s why I’m creating a tech startup.
I’m creating it for you.
It is a safe space to BE a Black Woman.
It’s a safe space for other Black Women to sit with you when you’re over it. It’s a safe space to know you are not alone.

Because you’re not.
You’re not alone, Sis.
And you are not the only one.

There is POWER in numbers.

You and I as Black Women, WE have that power. We really, sincerely do.

But it ONLY gets activated when we sit and stand… together.

Let me know you’re thoughts about this video.

I love you,
Dr. Venus