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Razor’s Edge

I’m balancing on a razor’s edge.
Not certain I will make it to the finish line.
Each time I get back to balance
deadly winds tip the scales
of time.

Please, don’t.
Don’t talk to me about God.
He’s the one that sent the breeze…

My language dries up.
Arthritis in my knees and knuckles flex.
Reminding me of my mortality.

Beautiful blades pop up in my imagining.
Wanting to feel some sort of control.
I watch me, watch me turn food into a weapon.
A drug.
A punishment
For being alive.

I pray without ceasing.
I pray in my sleep.
I pray in my daydreams.
I pray as I weep.

I don’t think I have the wherewithal to survive me.

I feel bad about it all.
My mistakes feel tragic.

Peoples words, daggers.
In my eyes.
I feel so alone.
I feel like I imagine how Notzake felt.
So very, very alone…

I can’t even articulate the pain to my therapist. I have to wait until words remember they are my friends.
They are my only North Star.

To process.

I can feel me spiraling
downward into an dark &
silent pit of self-hate.

It’s like walking on the edge of a razor.

With each step my feet bleed.

The more weight, the deeper the incision.
Stand still or move forward?

I don’t know right now.

So I write.
I tend to Happy.
I eat donuts.

I let the sugar turn
to alcohol
to comfort me.

It’s the safest way to hurt myself.
And keep me alive.

By: Dr. Venus Opal Reese

We stand together #stopasianhate

I workout in Chinatown. My trainer, who is a viral testosterone-driven millennial, puts me through grueling workouts for someone my age.

So to make me feel better, he tells me to throw the medicine ball as hard as I can – & imagine it’s his face. We laugh but I feel vindicated.

Well little did I know, there was this precious mature woman mimicking ALL of the exercises my trainer was putting me through. AND she was CRUSHING them!!! #somuchforageism

She didn’t have a ball so I gave her mine & indicated she should slam it HARD & pretend it was my trainer’s face!! She laughed. So we played with the ball. My trainer took this footage.

When I think about the shooting in ATL that killed 8 victims (mostly women) at 3 different spas, I think of Emma Lazarus’ accurate quote: “Until we are all free, none of us are free.”

Not only are we not free, we are not safe until.

So I stand with my Asian Family against hate. White Supremacy is the enemy of EVERYONE who’s NOT a White Supremacist/Racist/Bigot.

We stand together. #stopasianhate

Watch the video here.

Listen to God–Not Haters (gurlll)

A white man posted on Facebook that birthing 100 Black Women Billionaires in five years is “highly unlikely.”

There’s a lot I could say about this.

But I won’t.
What I will say is how much I love Black Women for ALWAYS having my back.

I’ve been doing Clubhouse Calls and each time I do, Black women come. They listen to my “highly unlikely” plan and some choose to partner with me.

I’m including some of the screenshots of Black Women Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Content Creators, Healers, Experts, and Professionals. What seems, “highly” is very doable when you have a tribe who believes what you believe.

While it may appear unlikely, I have a proven track record of defying impossible.

I don’t believe God would give you or I a dream that wasn’t already manifested in the mind of God. God simply is seeking the right conditions manifest.

For this, for birthing 100 Black Women Billionaires in the next five years?

I am the right condition.

Sis, listen to God, not the haters. God put that spirit, that dream in YOUR heart because you are the right conditions to birth that dream. Other people don’t get to say. Give their words no power.

When I and my Black Women Billionaires are on the cover of Forbes, looking fierce and fabulous, the caption will read: Black Women Billionaires: Our Voice. Our Way. Our Terms.

I love you.
Dr. Venus

Birthing Black Women Billionaires

Birthing 100 Black Women Billionaires through tech and content REQUIRES self-care as an act of self-love.

It’s amazing the depth and beauty of healing self-hate, self-doubt, and distrust that’s REQUIRED to move from “me” to “we” that is NOT rooted in self-sacrifice.

I get to love myself, trust God and focus to create a business model that is
–rapidly scalable (thank God for tech!)
–leveraged and
–lucrative for all of the players involved.

I am choosing to share this opportunity with purpose-driven Black Women Content Creators from all industries as well as a small handful of Black Women Equity Partners who are committed to being mentored by me to break a billion-dollar valuation in the next five years using my model.

This app is created by a Black Woman, for Black Women built by BRILLIANT Black Men who love their mommas. #realtalk

So for all my purpose-driven Black Women Content Creators with large followings – Influencers, enterprising entrepreneurs, screenwriters, filmmakers, speakers, healers, fashionistas, YouTubers, Stand-Ups–ALL INDUSTRIES!!! Throw your hat in the ring!

If you have AMAZING content that either:
a. Entertains
b. Educates
c. Inspires
d. Engages

Be sure to opt-in here.

I will email the zoom link when I will do the next “App Update” webinar so you get all the delicious details to monetize YOUR content with my “50/50 Rev Share Model” for Content Creators and Equity/Mentorship Opportunity.


I’ve already bankrolled this venture.
But you have to have some skin in the game so this is a business venture– not a handout, hope, or blind loyalty to the Race. I’ve done all three and lost MILLIONS. I have learned that ALL the players have to be invested in a venture of this magnitude in order for it to soar.

And it will… with the right visionary and fearless Black Women who are “for real for real” about transforming the financial trajectory of out bloodline.

I know I am. And I will do this with you or without you.
Watch me.
Or join me.